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Uprising 1.2 and Beyond

Reported by CCP Praetorian | Comments

Our always evolving DUST community!

Now that Uprising is out and Uprising 1.1 deployed, the DUST 514® development team is hard at work on more improvements to the game. I'd like to briefly touch on Uprising 1.2, but also walk you through the content we’ll be focusing on over the next 6 months – including the brand-new Commando dropsuit class!

Rapid-fire updates

We listen to your feedback, as well as to feedback from the media. As a result, we have decided to move into a faster, more iterative update cycle. We will be pushing out point releases (Update 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.) on a near-monthly basis. This is unique in the console space, only possible because our friends at Sony work with us to evolve the submission processes to suit free-to-play massively multiplayer titles like DUST.

We are intensely devoted to delivering the best DUST 514 experience possible. Throughout road-mapping the update process, we have focused on fixing and perfecting our core game systems. Over the next few releases, you’ll see us polish the core gameplay systems (aiming and aim assist, controls, vehicle handling, movement on the battlefield) and improve on context and immersion (getting you into a battle, adding a welcome screen, and more). Planetary Conquest will also be getting a lot of love.

So let’s talk about what’s in Uprising 1.2. We will post more details on specific roadmap items as we plan and work on them, so visit the DUST 514 website and stay tuned to the forums!

Uprising 1.2 (July 2nd 2013)

The biggest thing we’re adding in Uprising 1.2 is a brand new dropsuit role: the Commando. Only Commando dropsuits let you equip two light weapons such as Swarm Launchers and Assault Rifles, offering extreme versatility at the cost of some punch.

We’ll also be introducing special Neo Dropsuits for all roles, while Ferroscale and Reactive armor plates will help armor catch up with shields as viable battlefield protection. Shield Energizer modules are also coming, for those who would prefer not to scuff their paint-jobs.

We are expanding the Planetary Conquest experience to let corporation officers remove teammates from Conquest battles in the war barge, and districts are no longer locked once conquered by a new owner. We’ve also enabled ISK transfers between characters, and from corporation wallets to any player or corporation, as described in  Team True Grit’s latest dev blog.

We've continued upgrading the visuals, adding nifty features such as Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO), a rendering technique that improves realistic lightning in fast-paced games like DUST. On the performance side, we’ve sped up UI rendering and improved content streaming stability, to smooth your gameplay.

To make the whole shooting experience more dynamic and fun, we’re introducing Optimal, Effective, and Absolute range on all handheld weapons, which will modify damage depending on your weapon and how close you are to the target. This should address the feedback you gave us regarding weapons that deal damage well over their maximum range, and will directly result in a better core shooter mechanics.

The game’s sound design continues to get better, with improvements to memory and the overall audio experience. Uprising 1.2 will also include fixes and additions to the new spawn screen introduced in Uprising 1.0.

We’re also working on quality-of-life changes, such as a Logout option in the Neocom, UI rendering, sound improvements, the ability to scroll through your 1500 latest in-game mails, plus tweaks to the “call-for-help” and nanite-injector revival mechanics.

This release includes a host of important stability and performance fixes, as well as new items, features and gear balancing, new environment assets, and improvements to battleground navigation. The patch notes will list all of this in more detail very soon.

As always, please do not hesitate to discuss these plans with us on the forums!

CCP Praetorian