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Uprising 1.2 brings ISK transfers, Planetary Conquest changes, and more!

Reported by CCP FoxFour | Comments

Since the release of Uprising, Team True Grit has been hard at work fixing bugs and creating new features for Planetary Conquest. Some of these improvements, like planetary districts changing state when captured, are already live. But there's way more to come and so I am here to talk to you about what Team True Grit is bringing to Uprising 1.2.

Corporate leaders: Control your fireteams!

Once upon a time, a player called Awox made a habit of infiltrating and betraying enemy EVE Online® corporations. In other games, this might get you banned, but players in the EVE universe tell their own stories. Still, it's important that a Corporation be able to catch and police such troublemakers themselves, and that spies make an effort to earn their victims' trust.

Likewise, corporate leaders in DUST 514® should be free to pick the best players to protect their territory. Uprising 1.2 will let CEOs and Directors kick players from a corporate battle. This option is only available on the warbarge, so make your cuts before dropping into battle. Once a player is kicked, they will be banned from that battle and unable to rejoin.

We are currently working on a proper roles system for DUST 514 Corporations to help you organize your roster. Hopefully, the roles system will be all you need to build the right team and keep Awoxers in their place, making the kick option unnecessary. As with any feature, we rely on feedback from our passionate players, so speak out on the forums

Transfer ISK between DUST players

What fun is a spacefaring mercenary operation without juicy bonuses and backroom deals? Mercs will soon be able to transfer ISK to other DUST 514 players or corporations. Any ISK transferred to a corporation will appear in its infantry wallet. Likewise, CEOs and Directors will be able to transfer ISK from their corporation's accounts to any other corporation or DUST 514 player. 

This is just another step toward getting the DUST 514 economy where it needs to be. We also have designs in the works for direct player-to-player item trading, corporate hangars, EVE-to-DUST ISK transfers, and more. No timeframe on when you will see those, but they'll hopefully be on the roadmap soon.

Monitor Starmap security

When Uprising 1.2 hits the server, players viewing the Starmap at the constellation level will notice that selected solar systems will include the security status level in the information dialogue. We added this to give mercs a better feel for the state of the cosmos, and to help corporations participating in Planetary Conquest better plan where they can attack, and how much it will cost.

Streamline your communications with delayed chat channels

Chat channels with more than 50 users -- merc or capsuleer -- will now operate in delayed chat mode. This means that only users who actually speak will appear in the channel's members list, boosting performance when you strategize or just catch up with fellow players.

So there you have it. I tried to keep this dev blog short and sweet. Hopefully, you're excited for all the new content our team is creating for Uprising 1.2. We'll see you -- but probably not any sneaky Awoxers -- on the battlefield.


Team True Grit