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Weapon Ranges and Profiles in Uprising 1.2 and beyond

Reported by CCP Remnant | Comments

Weapon Ranges

With Uprising 1.2 the long-awaited changes to the range system are finally in game! Previously, weapons had an optimal and maximum range. Unfortunately, at its max range a weapon would simply stop doing damage. This is bad for a whole host of reasons and we’ve addressed this by giving all handheld weapons an optimal, effective and absolute range.

Up to the optimal range a weapon will do 100% damage (shield/armor profiles notwithstanding) and then drop off slowly towards its effective range at which point it will do around 30% damage. Damage drops further from effective range to absolute range but weapons will continue to do incidental damage even at these extreme ranges.

As an example, the standard tier Assault Rifle’s damage will drop from 34 HP at optimal range (40m) to 10.2 HP at its effective range (65m). As we fill out the weapon roster in the coming releases we’ll be adjusting ranges based on metrics and your feedback to make sure all weapons adhere to their established profiles and fit nicely within their intended niche. To that end, we’ve adjusted the Scrambler Rifle’s optimal ranges (up to 50m from 45m for the base variant and up to 45m from 30m for the assault variant.)


Weapon Profiles

The categorization of weapons and their attendant strength/weakness against shield and armor is currently not communicated very effectively by the UI inside and out of battle. So much so that many players might not even be aware that weapons do this! We’re working on improving this, but to help clear up any confusion the chart below indicates the damage and range profiles of current and upcoming weapons in the game:

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Range profiles are indicative of a weapon’s range compared to other weapons in its class. For example, the Rail Rifle has the longest range of the weapon variants in its class (the Assault Rifle, Combat Rifle and Scrambler Rifle being the others) but its range is not equivalent to that of the Sniper Rifle, another railgun-based weapon.
  • Where necessary, there are some exceptions to the established race conventions. The Plasma Cannon, for example, operates well beyond the short ranges of conventional plasma weaponry. 

We look forward to getting the new weapons into your hands as soon as is possible. As always, be sure to leave your feedback on the forums.

- CCP Remnant