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Logistics Dropsuit Changes in Uprising 1.3

Reported by CCP Remnant | Comments

Just a quick note to highlight some of the changes we’ve made to the Logistics dropsuits in Uprising 1.3, a release we have purposely kept small to allow the dev team to shift to a faster release cadence. With that in mind we focused on addressing the most egregious issues with the dropsuits first.

Full breakdown is as follows:


  • The Amarr Logistics suit will gain an additional low slot at PRO tier and its third equipment slot at ADV tier.
  • The sidearm slot will now be introduced at STD tier level instead of PRO tier as it is currently. This gives the Amarrian logistics suit its defining characteristic from the get-go.
  • Bump up PG: 3 at STD (up to 36 from 33), 4 at ADV (up to 50 from 46) and 6 at PRO (up to 72 from 66)


  • Lower Caldari Logistics CPU: 20 at STD (down to 175 from 195), 28 at ADV (down to 245 from 273) and 40 at PRO (down to 350 from 390)
  • Adjust Caldari Logistics and Assault bonuses as per below:

Caldari Logistics: 5% bonus to shield regulators per level (used to be shield extenders).
Caldari Assault: 2% bonus to shield extender efficacy per level (used to be hybrid weapon reload speed).

Additionally, we are altering the shield recharge delay and shield depleted delay of all Logistics suits to be closer to Assault suits. See the table below for details.


OLD (Delay/Depleted Delay)

NEW (Delay/Depleted Delay)













These changes are intended to alleviate some of the current issues with the Logistics suits, but they’re still not getting us where we want to be with the suits. A technical issue is currently preventing us from authoring suit bonuses that alter equipment functionality. When this is solved we’ll be giving Logistics suits the bonuses they need to make their role truly shine. Bonuses to the range and effectiveness of repair tools; to nanohive capacity and resupply rate and the like. These are the sorts of things that will make logistics players the invaluable squad support they ought to be.

In Summary:

  • Amarr Logistics PG increased slightly, sidearm slot available from STD tier, third equipment slot at ADV tier, PRO tier gets fourth low slot.Changed Caldari Logistics and Assault suit bonuses.
  • Lowered Caldari Logistics base CPU by 20.
  • Changed Caldari Logistics and Assault suit bonuses.
  • Slowed shield recharge delay on all Logistics suits.

As mentioned above, these skill changes are largely to discourage assault-focused players from using the Logistics suit as their frontline choice. The new Logistics skill bonus isn’t ideally suited to the Logistics role and is a short-term alteration until proper equipment bonuses come online. Once they do we’ll outline the full skill changes in another blog.

All these changes are currently scheduled to be deployed with the Uprising patch 1.3, coming later this month.

CCP Remnant