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CCP at Eurogamer Expo and Igromir

This past weekend, CCP flew into London for the 2012 EuroGamer Expo and got a warm welcome from gamers from the UK and beyond. With western Europe locked down, we set up shop in Moscow, where Igromir is already off to an amazing start. At both events, our devs got to show off DUST 514®, hand out goodies, and watch the ruthless mercs of the future take their first steps into the intergalactic fragfest. 

Check out some images from the show floor at Igromir:

FACT: Box contains more whoopass per cubic 
inch than a pegasus made out of railguns.

Bolshoyeh spasiboh to Russian press
and players for trying out DUST 514

Wreathed in shadow, an elite Spetsnaz team*
tries out mercenary life.

* Not really... or are they?.

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Codex update brings corporations and more to DUST 514

Corporations have arrived in DUST 514® with Codex, the latest major update to the beta client, available for download as of Monday 1 Oct.

DUST 514 mercenaries share an enormous, persistent universe with the starship pilots of EVE Online®. With Codex, both groups of players can soon band together into Corporations, and spread their dominion over both games.

CEOs can appoint Directors in both games to supervise corporate operations. Corporate contracts let you take the fight to rival organizations, and vie for supremacy over planets and star systems.

The new update also lays the foundation for Orbital Strikes, which will come online quickly during the Codex release period. DUST 514 mercs will be able to call in three specialized orbital strikes from nearby EVE Online ships, letting your corporate allies devastate the enemy at your command.

Here’s just a sample of the features, updates, and changes live in Codex:

  • Female avatars, with new dropsuit designs
  • More environments and terrain types to battle over
  • New skirmish maps
  • A host of new weapons and equipment such as Nova Knives and Active Scanners
  • New skills to help you scan the battlefield for hostiles
  • Enhanced fitting and spawn menus to let you refit more easily
  • 3D item viewer

Build an elite corps of hired guns and recruit capsuleers to your cause, or join the private army of a thriving EVE Online corporation. Two games share one universe, and very soon, you can rule it all.

Link: Codex update

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