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Warlords 1.1 Overview & Patch Notes

The Uprising is over, and powerful mercenary captains dominate whole planets as Warlords, taking to orbit in makeshift or stolen Warbarges, waging perpetual war in Molden Heath. You are one of these Warlords, or aspire to become one.

On April 28th, Warlords 1.1 arrives, bringing increased performance, improved user experience, community-requested updates, a brand new game mode, and last but certainly not least, a defining new feature that firmly underlines DUST 514 and its unique setting of New Eden, the introduction of Player to Player Trading. These include:

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Introducing New Matchmaking Engine

Fellow Mercs!

CCP Rattati here to inform you of the latest changes to matchmaking. Since the introduction of the New Player Academy, we have been experimenting with its duration and the graduation threshold of new players into the general population, trying to make sure that they have learned what’s necessary before tackling the more difficult challenges of DUST 514. For many players this is a difficult transition, and in many cases, overwhelmingly frustrating.

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Introducing Player Trading

Fellow Mercs,

CCP Rattati here to bring you news of one the most anticipated features of DUST 514 - Player Trading, coming to you later this month. Yes, we have finally reached this milestone, bringing us a step closer to our vision.

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New Event: Accelerated LP Week

During the week of April 9-16 11:00 UTC, players will experience 50% increase of the Loyalty Point (LP) rewards from Factional Warfare matches plus bonus ISK reward for winning in this period! Check out the event page for more details.

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Hotfix Echo is now live!

Dear players,

We have been working on Hotfix Echo, and here are the things that you should expect to arrive to Tranquility today after the downtime (11:00 UTC). Some of them may have been less in the spotlight than others, but we believe these all reflect the will of the community and are for the greater good of the game. Many of these changes are supported by a multitude of spreadsheets made by many individual community contributors, such as; starter fittings, AV, HAV slot progression, turret statistics and so on. So let us proceed, and know that I am going to elaborate on a few topics, and end on the new vehicles, to make sure no one leaves early to yell angrily about stuff.

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Developer Spotlight: CCP Bigbird - Daniel Wu

Today we are featuring another member of the DUST 514 Development Team here in CCP Shanghai. CCP Bigbird has been with us for a while, and is playing, testing and building DUST 514 within CCP Time Runner's team.

What is your official job title with CCP?

My official title right now is Test Lead of DUST 514!

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New Event: Five Million Clone Challenge!

During the March 4 11:00 UTC - March 11 11:00 UTC period, should the total number of clones destroyed in New Eden reach 5.000.000, every account that won at least three battles during the event period, shall receive the following items on March 12, 11:00 UTC:

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New Event: Hacked Decryption Week

During the week of February 3-10, players that complete each day at least 8 daily missions will be rewarded extra 5x Hacked Decryptor Keys to unlock their Strongboxes and obtain additional loot from them. So log in, complete missions every day and obtain unique loot that just got revealed in Warlords 1.0 update coming to you on February 3rd!

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Warlords 1.0 Overview & Patch Notes

The Uprising is over, powerful mercenary captains dominate whole planets as Warlords, taking to orbit in makeshift or stolen Warbarges, waging perpetual war in Molden Heath. You are one of these Warlords, or aspire to become one.

On February 3rd, Warlords 1.0 arrives, bringing new gear, community-requested updates, and a new key feature that expands your ability to rise in power in the DUST 514® universe. These include:

  • The Mercenary Warbarge
  • Warbarge Subsystems
  • New Faction, Quafe and Officer gear
  • Improved Visuals
  • Multiple additions based on community feedback

So, let's take a look at these new Warbarges and check out the new gear. We've also included patch notes at the bottom to prep you for everything headed your way on February 3rd.

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