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Accelerated SP week starts April 16

Earn extra Skill Points from April 16 to April 23! The event will start at 11:30am GMT on April 16 and end at 11:00am GMT on April 23.  Players will receive 5 times the normal SP from War Points earned during a match. The weekly Skill Point cap will be boosted to 3 times the normal amount during the week as well, meaning that you will be able to earn as much as 970,000 SP during these dates.

Read more on the Events Page.

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Developer Spotlight: CCP jBot – Johann Reynisson

Welcome to the very first Developer Spotlight for DUST 514!

As the first step in our quest to introduce you to the Development team within CCP Shanghai, we turn our focus to the long-serving, tirelessly working Lead Video Producer – Johann Reynisson, aka CCP jBot – the creative mind behind the DUST 514 trailers/screenshots and a members of the amazing production team charged with producing Fanfest videos.

What is your official job title with CCP?

Lead Video Producer at CCP Shanghai.

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Uprising 1.8 Overview and Patch Notes

On March 25, DUST 514® will get a major update with the release of Uprising 1.8, which introduces a number of features and changes specifically requested by the community. These include:

  • New racial Heavy and Light dropsuits
  • Cloaking equipment
  • New sidearms
  • Full equipment, weapon and dropsuit rebalancing

And today we’re sharing the full Uprising 1.8 patch notes  - you’ll find them at the end of post, following a brief recap of the recent dev blogs we’ve released on the biggest changes coming next week.

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Equipment balancing in Uprising 1.8

Equipment in DUST 514 has been rebalanced. You may have heard. Below is a quick summary of the changes, followed by a more in-depth breakdown as well as a look at the Cloak Field, a new piece of equipment being introduced in Uprising 1.8.


  • Cooldown times on active scanners have been increased. Scanner functionality has also been improved to do snapshot scans in order to stop “scannerinas” from doing 360 degree spins.
  • The range on repair tools has been reduced.
  • Drop uplink spawn times have been increased.
  • Nanohive nanite supply have been reduced.
  • The Cloak Field will be available in 1.8.

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Heavy and Light Reinforcement: Dropsuits of Uprising 1.8

Uprising 1.7 saw the debut of the Combat and Rail rifles, which rounded out our rifle catalog. In Uprising 1.8 we go one better with new dropsuits!

There are new Heavy Frames for the Caldari, Minmatar and Gallente, while the Amarr and Caldari added a new Light Frame to their armories. This means five brand-new dropsuit models ready for war.

With these additions, DUST 514® now has a full set of racially aligned dropsuits. We’ve also taken this opportunity to completely revamp and rebalance all of our infantry dropsuits. Read on to learn more.

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Expanding The Arsenal With Uprising 1.8

Last release saw the debut of the Combat and Rail rifles, both of which have proven to be extremely popular in DUST 514. With the release of Uprising 1.8, we go one better with not just two new weapons, but three!

This time around the Bolt Pistol (Caldari) and Ion Pistol (Gallente) will join the Flaylock Pistol (Minmatar) and Scrambler Pistol (Amarr) to round out a full set of racially aligned pistols. Meanwhile, the Magsec SMG (Caldari) doubles the submachine gun count in the game with a new alternative to Ol’ Faithful, the SMG (Minmatar) that has been making holes in your opponent since beta.

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New in the Marketplace – February 25 2014

This month we have four new Combat Packs, exclusive to the PlayStation®Store. They are all related to a particular faction, so read on for full details of the contents of each Combat Pack, or check out this forum thread for a breakdown of each one!

DUST 514: Minmatar Combat Pack

The brute force of the Minmatar faction is yours to wield with this complete set of dropsuits and gear, including the uniquely-designed 'Republic Command' mk.0 assault suit and the 'Blisterrain' Six Kin assault combat rifle. Your mercenary is armed for today and prepared for the future, with 100 copies each of both advanced and prototype versions of every item in the pack.

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Artist Spotlight – Senior Environment Concept Artist Zeng Liang, AKA CCP FishWalker

Hi there, I am currently working at CCP Games Shanghai as a concept artist, responsible for scenes, architecture, design objects, and occasionally other content as well.

I am happy to be working in the art team – this is the most professional team I have worked with, and everyone on the team is very good. Of course, when collaborating with colleagues of this caliber, you are constantly reminded to try and do better.

This is early sketch for the socket (Sat launcher)

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New in the Marketplace – January 2014

Happy January, DUST 514 players! This month we’re updating the Marketplace with an improved Starter Pack as well as running specials on weapons and items that will help you on your way with our in-game events. Take down Scouts in Operation Shadow Hunt, and gear up with a Skill Booster to maximize your gains during our triple Skill Point week running from January 22 – 29. Read on for full details.

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One Year on the Ground

Celebrate a year on the ground with DUST 514!

The anniversary of the release of DUST 514 is upon us! It is a milestone that almost pales in comparison to the many amazing achievements of the game and its incredible community, but it is a testament to the dedication of the team and the devotion of its fans. Together, we introduced the EVE universe to an entirely new group of avid gamers. We connected two games, two genres and two platforms into one eternal struggle for control of a universe. We made the Council of Planetary Management a reality, to make sure all of our voices are heard.

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Artist Focus – CCP JuSan aka Bao Juansheng

Ever wondered what a Lead Hero Object Artist does? Or even just what one is? We did too, so we caught up with CCP JuSan aka Bao Juansheng to get the lowdown on guiding art creation on DUST 514, and to take a look at some of his creative contributions to the game.

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Interview With CCP Remnant: Questions From The Community

To coincide with the launch of Uprising 1.7, we fielded questions across numerous channels from the Community. Meet Senior Game Designer Gavin Frankle -- aka CCP Remnant -- as he tackles your questions regarding the future of DUST 514, game balance and more.

1. I believe that TTK (Time-to-Kill) was never intended to be as short as it is now. What kind of FPS does CCP want DUST to be?
     by Vrain Matari, ZionTCD, DUST 514 Forums

A fun FPS :)

First and foremost, combat should be fun. Long TTK is not fun if it’s the result of loose controls, poor aim assists or dance-strafing/bunny-hopping combat – all problems that DUST has suffered from in the past. The work we’ve done on aim and control systems has only really come together in the last few months, and this combined with recent changes to weapon range have been the biggest culprits behind the shorter TTK. It’s taken us longer than we’d have liked, but I do believe that the second-to-second combat in DUST is more enjoyable than it’s ever been. Not perfect, but a lot better. DUST is very much a game about outcomes and so the TTK I’d like to see in DUST is one long enough for the differences in dropsuit fittings (be that higher damage, more HP or faster regen) to help shape the outcome, but short enough to not have to dance around my opponent until one of us is mercifully put out of our misery; that fine line where the edge given by twitch skill or a smart fitting blurs and the outcome becomes unpredictable. Beyond that, though, is the minute-to-minute battlefield experience, the sort of timescale where squad play, tactics and combined roles become a larger factor in the outcome of a firefight, and this is an area that will get significant attention going forward.

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Onwards to Uprising 1.7

Rapid-Cloning Mercenaries,

Welcome to another exciting update in the world of DUST 514! Following the monthly release cadence adopted post-Uprising 1.2, this patch brings some of the most exciting and impactful changes to date. Uprising 1.7 serves as the latest important step on the DUST 514 journey, pulling together numerous additions and enhancements, whilst allowing us the opportunity to incorporate Community feedback in to our designs.

New Rifles and Weapon Changes

CCP Remnant has walked us through two new rifles that have been added in 1.7; an important element in our commitment to fleshing out full racial parity for weapons and dropsuits. The deadly Minmatar Combat Rifle is a fast firing weapon, designed for medium range combat, while the Rail Rifle finds itself at home in long range combat as all good Caldari weapons should.  We have also:

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It’s Black Eagle Friday – Spend Aurum And Claim Your Bonus Items

We’re running a time-limited special this month where we’ll be rewarding players with copies of the awesome Black Eagle ‘Scout’ G/1-Series Dropsuit just for making purchases with Aurum. The special offer will begin right after server downtime on the morning of Thursday, 28 November UTC and ends on Tuesday 3rd December at 11am UTC (06:00 ET).

- Spend 40,000 to 70,000 Aurum and receive 20 'Black Eagle' Scout G/1-Series
- Spend 70,001 to 100,000 Aurum and receive  50 'Black Eagle' Scout G/1-Series
- Spend over 100,000 Aurum to receive 100 'Black Eagle' Scout G/1-Series

Total Aurum amount spent accumulated from 28 November to 3 December will be calculated and you will receive your free dropsuits after the 3rd December downtime.

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