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12 days of DUST

A new reward revealed each day

Don't miss a single day! Each reward is available from the time the server comes up on the day it is revealed until the time the server goes down for maintenance the next morning. After that, the next item is unlocked and the previous one will no longer be available. A single victory is all you need, so team up and get tactical or just spray and pray. Log in and get that win!

Today's reward

'Quafe' Scout gk.0 Dropsuit (x12)

Own that one-of-a-kind look from the soft drink kings of New Eden.

Tomorrow's reward: It's like a 3D printer… but different.

Hacked Nanohive (x12)

A handy portable re-supplier to keep your allies stocked and loaded.

Tomorrow's reward: Fresh off the production line.

'Pyrus' Assault Rifle (x12)

One of the latest weapons introduced in DUST 514.

Tomorrow's reward: That's gonna leave a mark.

Mauler Heavy Packaged Fit (x12)

Pre-equipped Forge Gun and dual damage modifiers to leave a lasting impression on your enemy.

Tomorrow's reward: "Almost" counts.

Fused Locus Grenade (x12)

An explode-on-impact grenade with high damage in a concentrated area.

Tomorrow's reward: Protection of biblical proportions.

'Samson' Enhanced Armor Plating (x12)

Increased armor at the cost of mobility. Donkey jawbone not included.

Tomorrow's reward: Quiet! I'm doing science.

'Whisper' Repair Tool (x12)

Behind every good mercenary is someone keeping him or her alive. Be that someone.

Tomorrow's reward: Black is the new black.

'Black Eagle' Scout G/1 Series Dropsuit (x12)

It doesn't just look amazing. It IS amazing.

Tomorrow's reward: "If I only had a few more hit points…"

'Impulse' Enhanced Shield Extender (x12)

A life-saving, low skill requirement, high increase shield extender.

Tomorrow's reward: Unleash mayhem with the pull of a trigger.

'Bedlam' M512-A Submachine Gun (x12)

An extremely effective gun for tearing up the enemy in close-quarters combat.

Tomorrow's reward: Cheat at Hide-n-Seek.

'Eclipse' Active Scanner (x12)

Reveal enemy positions to gain tactical advantage.

Tomorrow's reward: Whoa. A most triumphant item!

'Neo' Assault M-I Dropsuit (x12)

An excellent balance of mobility and offensive capability.

  • 'Quafe' Scout gk.0 Dropsuit (x12)

    Dec. 25

  • Hacked Nanohive (x12)

    Dec. 26

  • 'Pyrus' Assault Rifle (x12)

    Dec. 27

  • Mauler Heavy Packaged Fit (x12)

    Dec. 28

  • Fused Locus Grenade (x12)

    Dec. 29

  • 'Samson' Enhanced Armor Plating (x12)

    Dec. 30

  • 'Whisper' Repair Tool (x12)

    Dec. 31

  • 'Black Eagle' Scout G/1 Series Dropsuit (x12)

    Jan. 01

  • 'Impulse' Enhanced Shield Extender (x12)

    Jan. 02

  • 'Bedlam' M512-A Submachine Gun (x12)

    Jan. 03

  • 'Eclipse' Active Scanner (x12)

    Jan. 04

  • 'Neo' Assault M-I Dropsuit (x12)

    Jan. 05

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