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Weapons: Far-future firepower

Firepower on the battlefield

New Eden is home to countless weapons manufacturers, so mercenaries in DUST 514® have literally hundreds of weapons to choose from before they drop into each battle.

Though each weapon offers its own unique tactical advantage, there are three basic weapon classes: sidearms, light weapons, and heavy weapons.

Minmatar HMG

Scrambler Pistol


Often overlooked, sidearms become very lethal in the right hands. Commonly used as backup weapons by frontline assault troops, they come into their own during close-range infantry combat or when used by mercenaries in highly specialized roles.

Assault Rifle

Light Weapons

Light weapons are commonplace on the battlefield, being the primary offensive weapon for most mercenaries. From scouts to snipers to line infantry, the light weapon serves countless soldiers in countless tasks across the battlefield. Alternative light weapons include the Mass Driver, Plasma Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle.

Forge Gun

Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons are a different animal altogether, and can only be wielded by mercenaries in heavy dropsuits. They also tend to utilize a high amount of dropsuit power, making them unsuitable for a more “generalist” approach to your weapon and equipment load out. They are, however, devastating in the right hands, and heavy gunners are feared across battlefields the galaxy over.