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Warring Factions

DUST 514® takes place in the EVE Universe, centered on a dense cluster of star systems connected to one another by a vast network of stargates. These gates allow for near instantaneous travel between over 5,000 star systems.

The core of this cluster, called New Eden, is controlled by four major empires: the Amarr Empire, Caldari State, Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic. Beyond the interior of the cluster lie the outer regions, lawless zones where the independent space captains of EVE, the capsuleers, struggle for supremacy.

Divided by rival empires, the New Eden cluster is the scene of intense war between powerful factions

Amarr Empire

The Amarr Empress rules the largest and oldest of the four empires, a vast theocracy supported by Minmatar slave labor. Amarrian citizens tend to be highly educated and fervently believe that slavery is but one step on a spiritual path toward fully embracing faith. Despite several recent setbacks, the Amarr Empire is the most stable nation and most powerful military in New Eden. Allied to the Caldari State, they wish to reclaim the Minmatar Republic.

Caldari State

Founded on the tenets of patriotism and hard work that carried its forebears through hardships on an inhospitable homeworld, the Caldari State of today is a corporate dictatorship, led by rulers determined to return to the meritocracy. Ruthless and efficient in the boardroom and on the battlefield, the Caldari are living emblems of strength, persistence, and dignity. The Caldari are allies of the Amarr Empire and are locked in war with the Gallente Federation.

Gallente Federation

Stronghold of liberty, the Gallente Federation is the only true democracy in New Eden, its diverse population producing some of the most progressive minds of the era. Pioneers of artificial intelligence, the Federation once relied on drone fleets to defend its borders and beliefs. Today, some of the bravest men and women in New Eden man Gallentean starships. The Gallente are allied with the Minmatar Republic and fight viciously against the Caldari State.

Minmatar Republic

No nation in the galaxy has endured more turmoil than the Minmatar. Once a thriving tribal culture, the Minmatar were enslaved by the Amarr Empire for more than 700 years until most won their freedom in a massive rebellion. The fledgling Republic has been modeling their recovery on their allies, the Gallente Federation. The Minmatar people today are resilient, ingenious, and hard-working, and will forever curse the day that Amarr ships first darkened their home skies.