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Dropsuits: Customize your war

Survival on the Battlefield

The mercenary soldiers of DUST 514® enter combat wearing state-of-the-art armored dropsuits. With a variety of specialized designs available, different dropsuits offer specific bonuses to speed, mobility, defense, and customizability. Each dropsuit design comes with a unique slot configuration and power-grid, letting you fill any combat role you can dream up.

Close Quarters Death

Assault Dropsuit


The Assault dropsuit is a versatile frontline combat suit that combines excellent protection, good mobility, and sufficient versatility for mission-specific alterations.

Assault dropsuits are intended for standard combat operations or those in which objectives are likely to change at a moment’s notice. Able to carry anything from small arms and explosives to heavy anti-vehicle munitions and deployable support gear, this is the most adaptable suit on the battlefield.

Scout Dropsuit


The lightweight Scout dropsuit is optimized for mobility, stealth, and heightened awareness. Augmented servo motors grant extra speed and flexibility, while friction- and impact-dampening materials reduce overall sound.

A scout dropsuit is the best option when missions call for speed and stealth. Equipped with stealth modules, the scout suit is the obvious choice for infiltration, counter-espionage, and assassination.

Heavy Dropsuit


The Heavy dropsuit is designed to withstand concentrated small arms fire and protect the wearer from low-grade explosives. Its power-assisted exoskeleton lets the wearer use the heaviest weapons available.

What heavy dropsuits lack in mobility they make up for with incomparable defenses. Mercenaries wearing such armor have been known to survive going toe-to-toe with enemy vehicles.

Logistics Dropsuit


The Logistics dropsuit is outfitted with the latest in diagnostic technology, to help the wearer maintain the condition and efficiency of squad-mates and their equipment.

A soldier in a logistics dropsuit can greatly improve the overall effectiveness of his group, and fills a vital tactical role in small-unit operations and full-scale warfare by providing both medical and mechanical support.