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One Universe, Limitless Potential

DUST 514® takes place in the massive, persistent EVE Universe, which has been thriving for over ten years, contains hundreds of thousands of EVE Online players, and spans thousands of solar systems and individual planets. A major war in the EVE Universe could involve thousands of players at once.

The scale of DUST 514 is unprecedented. DUST 514 can support 16v16 matches in a single battle in a single district on a single planet, and multiple battles can happen simultaneously on one world, impacting each other in real time.

Warring Factions

Divided by rival empires, the New Eden cluster is the scene of intense war between powerful factions.

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Mercenary Corporations

Recruit friends and comrades-in-arms into your galactic corporation to win glory and territory across the stars.

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Deadly Technology

War has tremendously accelerated technological advances