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PSU: DUST 514 exclusive interview - Creative Director on the evolution of PlayStation's flagship F2P shooter

Creative Director Atli Mar shares DUST 514's development roadmap and what's on the horizon for PlayStation’s most ambitious shooter.

"We are still committed to realizing the full vision of DUST 514 and some of the features that the community has been vocal about getting sooner rather than later, such as player trading, more resources between EVE and DUST and an improved Planetary Conquest system and game modes, are all on their way."

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Massively: CCP hires new Executive Producer for DUST 514, Jean-Charles Gaudechon has newly-hired Executive Producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon pegged as the logical choice to lead the DUST 514 team. 

“"It makes sense to hire people based on what they've already proven capable of doing. That's obvious. If someone has built seven houses that have all stood up to hurricanes, you're probably going to hire that guy to build your hurricane shelter. And if someone's familiar with making multiplayer first-person shooters work in the free-to-play market, well, you'll hire him to manage DUST 514.”" -

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Read More Uprising dusts off DUST 514

Find out how communicating with the community played an important role in creating an update directly addressing the wants and interests of the DUST 514 player in the latest interview with Creative Director Atli Mar.

"Uprising 1.5, the largest and most comprehensive patch since DUST 514 debuted last year, has made a lot of players very happy.”" - Atli Mar Sveinsson

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Polygon: Dust 514's new producer wants to make the game more intense

Jean-Charles Gaudechon, DUST 514's new executive producer, sits down with Polygon for a look at the road ahead for DUST 514.

"Taking on the role of executive producer for Dust 514, to me, means driving or setting a very strong vision for the game and making sure that everyone fights or works or pushes in the same direction," Gaudechon told Polygon in a recent interview. "That's, to me, probably the single most difficult thing to do in any product, and especially in games, to make sure that you do achieve that vision."

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DUST 514 Review - Ten Ton Hammer

Ten Ton Hammer published their review on DUST 514. They are calling it "a ground-breaking, innovative game which takes the concepts and principles of EVE Online and applies them to a multiplayer first-person shooter". Read the full review right here.

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IGN Live Presents: Dust 514

IGN Live team scheduled a live DUST 514 session in which they will play the game together with our developers and give away in-game currency at the same time right on this page. Live stream is scheduled for February 27th from 12:00 - 13:00 PST.

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