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Uprising 1.8 Overview and Patch Notes

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On March 25, DUST 514® will get a major update with the release of Uprising 1.8, which introduces a number of features and changes specifically requested by the community. These include:

  • New racial Heavy and Light dropsuits
  • Cloaking equipment
  • New sidearms
  • Full equipment, weapon and dropsuit rebalancing

And today we’re sharing the full Uprising 1.8 patch notes  - you’ll find them at the end of post, following a brief recap of the recent dev blogs we’ve released on the biggest changes coming next week.

New Heavy Frames, Light Frames and Skill Point Refund

The introduction of full racial parity for both Heavy and Light dropsuits will help you maximize your role on the battlefield.

Along with these big changes, we will perform a skill point refund for all players on the “Dropsuit Command” skill tree so that you can specialize into your Dropsuit of choice upon the deployment of Uprising 1.8.

Read the full dev blog and get caught up with these changes right here.

Magsec SMG, Bolt Pistol and Ion Pistol

Uprising 1.8 also sees the arsenal further expanded with three new sidearms.

The Caldari Magsec SMG, Bolt Pistol and Gallente Ion Pistol are three sidearms for three different play-styles that we can’t wait to see on the battlefield. But that isn’t all -- we also rebalanced the existing arsenal in response to community concerns regarding time to kill. CCP Remnant has it all in his dev blog here, so dig in!

Equipment rebalance and the brand new playstyle: Cloaking

One of the most highly anticipated pieces of equipment among the DUST 514 community has been the Cloak. With Uprising 1.8, it is now here!

With the introduction of cloaking, a complete balance pass has been done on equipment to make everything more in line with the battlefield dynamic that we want the game to offer. Teamwork is now even more important than before: enemies are can be cloaked, so coordinated use of active scanners is vital, and properly placed drop uplinks and nanohives can help provide victory in even the most difficult battles! Interested to find out how the new cloaking field works or if your favorite piece of equipment has been changed? Read on!

Patch Notes

The full Uprising 1.8 patch notes are available here:

Path to Game and Overall UI

* Inline skill book purchasing added back to the marketplace.


* War Point rewards for vehicle damage have been reintroduced.


* Added Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar Heavy Frames. This includes Basic, Sentinel and Commando roles for each faction.
* Added Caldari and Amarr Light Frames. This includes Basic and Scout roles for each faction.
* Base stats have been adjusted for all Medium Frames. This includes Basic, Assault and Logistics roles.
* For full details of the dropsuit changes, please see the dev blogs available on the DUST 514 website.


* Added Caldari Magsec SMG.
* Added Caldari Bolt Pistol.
* Added Gallente Ion Pistol.
* Mass Driver:
- Increased base direct/splash damage from 242/116 to 300/145.
* Laser Rifle:
- Increased effective range and increased damage at short range, reduced heat cost at ADV and PRO tiers.
- Improved zoom FOV.
* Time-to-kill (TTK) improvements:
- Proficiency skills of handheld weapons now grant 3% damage per level to either armor or shields (depending on the relevant weapon’s profile) rather than a flat increase to both.
- Damage mods have been reduced to 3%/4%/5% bonus to weapon damage from 3%/5%/10% previously.
- Base damage has been reduced on the following weapons: Assault Rifle, Scrambler Rifle, Combat Rifle, Rail Rifle, Submachine Gun.
- Grenade count has been reduced by 1 for all grenade types.


* Added Cloak Field equipment.
* Altered stats of existing equipment:
- Active scanner cooldown times increased. Scanner functionality changed to now perform "snapshot" scans in order to stop 360 degree spins.
- Range on repair tools reduced.
- Drop uplink spawn times increased.
- Nanohive nanite supply reduced.


* Altered existing skills for Assault, Scout, Sentinel, Commando and Logistics roles:
* Assault [5% reduction to PG/CPU cost of light/sidearm weapons per level]
- Caldari Assault: +5% to reload speed of hybrid railgun light/sidearm weapons per level.
- Gallente Assault: 5% reduction to hybrid - blaster light/sidearm hip-fire dispersion and kick per level.
- Minmatar Assault: +5% to projectile light/sidearm clip size per level.
- Amarr Assault: 5% reduction to laser weaponry heat build-up per level.
* Logistics [5% reduction to PG/CPU cost of equipment per level]
- Caldari Logistics: +10% to nanohive maximum nanites and +5% to supply rate and repair amount per level.
- Gallente Logistics: +10% to active scanner visibility duration and +5% to active scanner precision per level.
- Minmatar Logistics: +10% to repair tool range and 5% to repair amount per level.
- Amarr Logistics: 10% reduction to drop uplink spawn time and +2 to maximum spawn count per level.
* Sentinel [+5% damage resistance to splash damage per level]
- Caldari Sentinel: 3% shield resistance to hybrid - blaster weapons, 2% shield resistance to laser weapons per level.
- Gallente Sentinel: 3% armor resistance to hybrid - railgun weapons, 2% armor resistance to projectile weapons per level.
- Minmatar Sentinel: 3% shield resistance to laser weapons, 2% armor resistance to hybrid - blaster weapons per level.
- Amarr Sentinel: 3% armor resistance to projectile weapons, 2% shield resistance to hybrid - railgun weapons per level.
* Commando [5% reduction to reload speed of light/sidearm weapons per level]
- Caldari Commando: +2% damage to light hybrid – railgun weapons per level.
- Gallente Commando: +2% damage to light hybrid – blaster weapons per level.
- Minmatar Commando: +2% damage to light projectile and explosive weapons per level.
- Amarr Commando: +2% damage to light laser weapons per level.
* Scout [+15% reduction to PG/CPU cost of cloak field per level]
- Caldari Scout: +5% bonus to dropsuit scan radius and scan precision per level.
- Gallente Scout: +5% bonus to dropsuit scan radius and 5% reduction to scan profile per level.
- Minmatar Scout: 5% bonus to hacking speed and Nova Knife damage per level.
- Amarr Scout: +5% bonus to stamina regen and maximum stamina per level.

Planetary Conquest

* Locking a district will now ensure the attacker loses clones and ISK when there is no battle.

Factional Warfare

* Adjusted the battle spawning so that factions will need to spend more time defending their districts proportionally to the number of districts they control.


* Improved performance on certain maps that had a high installation count.
* To ensure parity with EVE Online support, customer support for DUST 514 will now only be offered in the following languages: English, Russian, Japanese, and German.

We hope you enjoy this major update to DUST 514 and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, mercs!

-The DUST 514 Development Team