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DUST 514 Prime League Tournaments Rules and Sign-Ups

Reported by ccp cmdr wang | Comments

UPDATE 2013/07/31: After discussion with UrgentFury and the CPM, we have made the following changes to the rules for the Prime League Tournament:

  •  Team sizes will be back to 16v16
  •  Maps will be from the skirmish game mode and will be randomly seeded
  •  Team rosters will be increased to 32
  •  Tournament matches will be setup by CCP before each match


Dear players,


We are proud to announce that we are co-hosting the Prime League Tournament, the first open tournament in DUST 514, with UrgentFury; an accomplished online organizer in the console FPS scene.

Mordu's Challenge has been completed and the cloned mercenaries have proven their mettle to Mordu's Legion and their eccentric founder Muryia Mordu. Now the Legion wants to take it one step further. Which of these new independent mercenary corporations is really the best? Could they stand toe-to-toe with the Legion? In order to figure out who the best of the best are, the Legion is now sponsoring a tournament of the top merc corporations in the cluster. And the prizes for the winners are no ordinary rewards. While the Legion is backing up their tournament with ISK and equipment, they're also offering the rare opportunity to leave an indelible mark on New Eden. The winners of the tournament will be given the opportunity to rename a planet in New Eden, for everyone to see!

Registration for both NA and EU regions begins on July 26 at 6pm GMT and will end on August 2, 6pm GMT. The tournament matches will begin on August 12 with specific start times to be announced later.

DUST 514 players who are either CEOs or directors of their corporation are eligible to register for the tournament on behalf of their corporation. A team roster with names of team members will be required when registering for the tournament. For the full list of the tournament rules please visit UrgentFury rules and signup page or see below. Each region will host up to 24 teams for the tournament, so signup early before the spots are filled.

Scheduled matches will take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays running from August 12 through September 4 for both NA and EU regions between 8:30 pm and 10:00pm Central Time for NA players and GMT time for EU players.

The Championship matches will start on September 9 and end on September 18. The matches will take place also on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays running between 8:30 pm and 10:00pm Central Time for NA players and GMT time for EU players.


Rule Set 1: Beginning Procedures for UrgentFury DUST 514

A: DUST 514 is open to all Teams that are in good standing or new to UrgentFury. The staff reserve all rights to remove any team(s) they feel do not fit in this tourney, either by online actions, temperament on these forums, or simply because a quota for the tourney was reached. UrgentFury is not obligated to disclose any reason for not accepting a particular team into the event.


Rule Set 2: Standby Team Alternates

A: There is no need for Alternates for this event


Rule Set 3: Event Details

A: DUST 514 will consist of a Round Robin Style league consisting of 1 match between teams, followed by a Championship bracket for each region.

B: Matches will occur according to the events schedule posted on UrgentFury for that event.

C: Each match will consist of pre-selected maps (as chosen by the staff) being played once in a best of Three (3) format for all matches except the championship which will consist of a best of Seven (7) format.

Specific game modes and maps to be used in the matches will be announced prior to the start of the tournament.


Rule Set 4: Team Rosters & Player Eligibility

A: All teams must create a team and each player must register at UrgentFury to be placed on the team roster. Any player NOT registered will NOT be eligible for play in any UF event. Please double and triple check your rosters before the submission date end. UF is not responsible for inaccurate submissions.

B: As a participating team in DUST 514, maintaining your roster includes adding your players PSN in the PSN/GamerTag field found under editing your team.

C: Players not found on a team’s official roster list will not be eligible to war in DUST 514.

D: When filling in the the PSN/GamerTag field please ensure that it is accurate as shown below


2: LBI_Dylan

3: xxxMaGGotmaNxxx

4: Joe____Blo

E: Team Reps, please take note. You MUST submit a player’s name EXACTLY how it appears in the game. If your player uses any numbers, symbols or punctuation marks in their name, be it at the beginning, middle or end of their name, the official DUST 514 roster MUST show that.

F: The only exception to the above rule "D" is that we do not count capitalization as stringently. All numbers, symbols and punctuation marks must be exactly the same from online name to UF Roster name, but capitalization is not counted. For example, "UnD3r_t0W" is counted to be the same as "uNd3r_t0w" noting that all symbols and numbers here are the same, only capitalization has been changed.


Rule Set 5: Discouragements While in matches

A: The following is a list of EXPECTED etiquette during match play as well as interaction between team members and adversaries on all websites, online lobbies and forums associated with DUST 514.

B: There will absolutely be NO threats, remarks, insinuations, posts, messages, images or quotes involving the use of racial, religious or disrespectful sexual slurs on ANY platform of UF. Any record or instance of this kind will be dealt with swiftly from a player disqualification from the tournament to the elimination of the entire team, depending on the severity of the incident and the number of team members involved. The admins of UF will deliberate the penalty. You will not be able to appeal the verdict.

C: UrgentFury discourages the use of taunts and dancing in game against other UF teams. If your team feels the need to do this, do it in another tournament. While engaged in combat against another UF team, there is to be NO dancing on dead bodies such as "Tea Bagging". This tourney is based on and built upon a foundation of respect. We expect all to adhere to the ideals whilst playing in our house. Multiple infractions of this will result in a penalty handed down by the admin in an appropriate fashion they see fit.

D: UrgentFury also asks that messaging through the PSN or any other outside way of communicating be prohibited {Skype, Facebook, cell phone, etc.} to teammates OR to opponents not be practiced by your team. There is much more reward in "winning with honor and losing with dignity" in this community than there is in cheating.

E: UrgentFury discourages any profane or racist trash talk towards your opponents. Please be aware that even though you are talking to your own teammates in-game, there is a possibility that someone from the other team can hear you. Treat others as you expect to be treated.

F: Any type of threat will be taken seriously and may result in removal from the event.


Rule Set 6: No-Shows & Forfeits

A: Matches must start within 10 min of their scheduled time or the team not present will be given an automatic loss.


Rule Set 7: Match Parameters

A: DUST 514 matches will be set up by CCP. All Match information can be found in the DUST 514 Section for your event.

B: There are no Weapon,dropsuits or vehicle restrictions


Rule set 8: Dispute Process

A: If there is a dispute to be raised, do not stop the match. Continue to play out the map and the ruling will be made by the Refs via the Dispute Ticketing system.

B: Proof for all disputes must be provided and additional verification may be utilized.

C: CCP and UrgentFury reserve the right to make final rulings in a dispute.


Tournament rewards

The winning team of each region will be given the rare opportunity to rename a single planet in the EVE Universe. These names will be subject to approval from CCP.

In addition, each member of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winning teams will be given the following rewards after the conclusion of the tournament. The rewards are same for both NA and EU regions.


We're excited to bring this tournament to you and hope it will be the first of many!

CCP CmdrWang