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What’s Coming in Uprising, Launch and Beyond

Reported by CCP Eterne | Comments

Hello cloned mercenaries! As you all know, Uprising is coming on the 6th and the launch of DUST 514 is happening a week later, on the symbolic 5/14, with additional features added in. There has been some confusion about the difference between these two dates. What is coming when? When do we get new weapons? When can we conquer planets? And so much more!

Well, here in this dev blog, we aim to clarify those questions for you.

Uprising (May 6th)

Skill System Revamp + Respec
We are fully revamping the skill system to make it more intuitive and deep. As a result of this, we will be performing a full skill respec on the 6th. Full details of what the respec entails will be released in a dev blog on Saturday. The short version, however, can be found in this dev blog from CCP Praetorian.

The new skill tree will also arrive on May 6th, which should allow you and your favorite squadmates ample time to figure out the path you wish to follow to dominate the battlefield.

New Dropsuits + Item Rebalancing
We are adding in three new dropsuits, the Minmatar Light, Gallente Medium, and Amarr Medium, on May 6th. We are also adding in an all-new Assault Dropship which has a forward-facing cannon. Additionally, we have done major rebalancing on weapons, dropsuits, modules, and vehicles to improve the shooter experience in DUST. Because of these major changes to the game, we will also be performing a market refund on the 6th. The above mentioned dev blog released on Saturday will have even more information on the item changes.

The new starmap will be launching on the 6th as well. Though it is tied closely in with Planetary Conquest, letting it go out a week prior will let everyone get used to the interface so there are no mistakes made when the full Planetary Conquest feature is released.

Graphics and UI
All new UI and graphical features will be released on the 6th. This means DUST 514 will look better than ever and be far more accessible.

Factional Warfare
DUST mercenaries' involvement in Factional Warfare is being adjusted in Uprising. Full details of the changes have been laid out in this forum post by CCP FoxFour. This change is going into the May 6th release as well.


Launch (5/14)

Planetary Conquest
As noted in this dev blog by CCP FoxSocksFour, planetary conquest will be launching on May 14th after tremendous feedback from our players. You will still be able to view the planets and reinforcement timers for all conquerable planets in Molden Heath, but you will not be able to move your starter clone packages there to claim the districts until May 14th.

New Weapons
We are adding in three new weapons on the 14th as well. These weapons are the Flaylock Pistol, the Scrambler Rifle, and the Plasma Cannon.

New Game Mode and Maps
The new Domination game mode, which features two teams of mercenaries fighting over a single objective, will be released on 5/14. Along with it will come new terrain and maps to fight over.

The Short of It

For everyone who wants it broken down quickly, here it is.

Coming in Uprising on May 6th

  • Skill changes

  • New skills

  • Skill tree

  • Skill respec

  • Weapon, module, vehicle, and dropsuit rebalancing

  • Amarr Medium, Gallente Medium, and Minmatar Light dropsuits

  • Assault dropship

  • Item/Market refund

  • Factional Warfare changes

  • Graphic updates

  • UI updates

  • New Starmap


Coming on 5/14

  • Planetary Conquest

  • Flaylock Pistol

  • Plasma Cannon

  • Scrambler Rifle

  • Domination game mode

  • New maps and terrain


For even more details on what is exactly going into the game with Uprising, you can read the full patch notes in this forum thread.


The Future

Of course, this is not the end of features for DUST 514. We are fully committed to following in the tradition established by EVE Online and provide regular content updates for years to come. We already have one planned for the near future after Launch, full details of which we will provide at a later date.

As for beyond that, well... We suggest you check out the DUST 514 Keynote delivered by Executive Producer CCP Jian at this year's Fanfest for hints of what is to come. We fully plan for it to be awesome.