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Uprising Skill Point Respec Details

Reported by CCP Eterne | Comments

Dear players,

On May 6th, we will have an extended down time on Tranquility server in order to bring you the latest DUST 514: Uprising update.

As part of the update, we are making major changes to the skill system. These changes will also affect how in-game items work, as explained by CCP Praetorian in both Merc Cast - Episode 1 and his Skill Progression System Dev Blog. Due to these changes we will be doing a general respec. This is a very important step that will not only affect the skill system, but also how new features and content will work in the future.

In conducting the respec, your characters' skills will be reset and their skill points (SP) put back into the available SP pool. They can be immediately reused to retrain your characters as you see fit, factoring in the new skills along the new skill tree in the new Uprising build.

As a result of the skill changes, items will also be adjusted. As such, the items in your Assets will be removed, and their ISK/AUR value at the time of the respec will be put back into your in-game wallet. This allows you to immediately retrain skills and repurchase items to remake your fittings and go to battle. Also, important to note, any PSN items (such as the Mercenary Pack), Militia BPOs (which are not being changed), and any in-game event items (such as the Black Eagles, Skinweave and Quafe Dropsuits) will NOT be removed from your Assets.

The lists below will show what items or features will remain unchanged and which parts will be removed in Uprising.

What will persist?

  • Character name, Contacts, Corporation, Stats/Leaderboards, Mail, AUR and ISK currencies, PSN items and items received from events (those not purchasable on the in-game market)
  • ISK balance will be the ISK you currently have in your wallet + the ISK value of items cleared from your Assets (prize items that are available on the market will be removed and their ISK value reimbursed)
  • AUR balance will be the AUR you currently have in your wallet + the AUR value of items cleared from your Assets
  • If a user has an unfinished booster equipped at time of Uprising deployment, it will stay equipped
  • Boosters that are still in Assets
  • Currently trained corporation skills
  • Corporation Wallet and Contacts
  • In-game Mail
  • NOTE: All items consumed before the Uprising update changes take place will STAY consumed and will not be reimbursed

What will be removed or changed? And what will be reimbursed?

  • All Skills will be cleared, users get the SP back into Available SP
  • Consumed boosters are NOT refunded (users have already earned the SP)
  • All Fittings (both infantry and vehicle)
  • Some persisted vanity items may not keep their previous coloring schemes
  • All ISK items will be cleared from Assets and their CURRENT ISK value added back to wallet
  • All AUR items will be cleared and users reimbursed with their current AUR value (with exceptions noted previously, such as Militia BPOs). Some corporation skills will be renamed, your skill level in the corresponding new skill will remain the same
  • Currently active UVTs are removed from users and their AUR value refunded
  • Any UVTs in Assets are removed and refunded
  • This only applies to UVT purchased post-Tranquility move (previously purchased / consumed UVTs were already reset)

We have also made available a visual map of the Skill Tree here for those who would like to get an early look. In addition to this, we also have a list of items (new and old) that you can expect to see in the Uprising update as well here.

We realize this will be a big change to those of you who have been with us throughout the closed/open beta phase and we want to emphasize the decision to introduce these changes were not made lightly. They are necessary in order to streamline the character progression system and pave the way for more new content. We are looking forward to hear your comments and questions on our forums. Please discuss your thoughts on this in the discussion thread linked above.

Additionally, we will be offering to all players that purchased the Mercenary Pack or Aurum Packs before January 22nd an optional full character reset with Mercenary Pack or Aurum reimbursement. If you choose an optional character reset, all character attributes, skills, skill points, and wallet will be reset to zero, but the Mercenary Pack(s) (including applicable Aurum) and/or Aurum pack(s) will be added back to the account for re-use within Uprising.  Players will be given a limited period in which to choose the optional full character reset, and the dates for choosing this option will be announced at a later time.  This will be the last reset of the Mercenary Pack and Aurum packs, and no further resets will be available.


Thank you.

DUST 514 Development Team