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Prepare For Planetary Conquest

Reported by CCP FoxFour | Comments

Hey guys,

Fanfest is over, the road to recovery has begun, and I am almost caught up on my email. I hope you all enjoyed Fanfest, either in person or via the stream, as much as everyone at CCP did. Personally I cannot wait until next year! :D

On to business though. We announced a while ago that planetary conquest would launch with Uprising on May 6th. Planetary conquest, for those who haven't heard, is the ability for DUST corporations to conquer districts in the Molden Heath region, acquire the ability to generate clones and ISK, and build facilities that will give bonuses in EVE Online. Full details of the feature can be found in two previous dev blogs here and here. At Fanfest we also announced that certain other features, such as new weapons in DUST, would be coming on May 14th.

The DUST community made it clear to us, both in person at Fanfest and on the forums, that this was not ideal. During Fanfest we didn’t have much time to comment on these concerns, but as soon as Fanfest was over members from the Council of Planetary Management (CPM) began immediately asking us to take action and respond to the concerns of the community.

The primary concerns from the community around planetary conquest going live on May 6th were:

  • Client downloads going live at different times in different regions give an unfair advantage to certain players.
  • The skill point respec happens on May 6th, but new content (weapons, dropsuits, etc.) being released on May 14th leaves players a hard choice: Spend skill points to do good now and miss out on the new items, or save the skill points and risk missing out on the first wave of conquest.
  • The volume of feedback related to this led us to reconsider our planned launch date.

Based on your feedback, we will not be enabling planetary conquest until May 14th during downtime. The districts will still be there and you will be able to see them, including their surface infrastructure and reinforcement window. The only difference is you will not have the option for deploying clone starter packages to them.

Having the CPM available to not just tell us that something needed to be done, but to discuss the options that we could take in real time was immensely valuable and we thank them greatly for helping us come to a solution on this as quickly as possible.

TL;DR: Districts in in Molden Heath will be conquerable on May 14th.

The above image is how you can expect temperate planets in Molden Heath to look between May 6th and May 14th. The districts will be there, but they will not have an owner.

That is all for now and we cannot wait to see you guys in battle come May 6th and what you do with Planetary Conquest come May 14th.


Team True Grit