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Optional Skill Respec Available For A Limited Time

Reported by GM Grave | Comments

Mercs of New Eden! Changes are coming to the DUST 514® skill system as we work to incorporate player requests and feedback. To make sure you can adapt to the altered systems, we’ll be offering the chance to request an optional, one-time skill respec via our support system.

Below is some basic information on how to request a skill respec. Please note:

All skill respec requests should be filed no later than 11:00 UTC (7:00 AM ET) on 31 May, 2013.

What is a skill respec?

A skill respec is a chance to redo your skill selections to better suit the changing systems.

How does a skill respec work?

Once a player requests a skill respec, all characters on that player's account will have their skill points refunded to their available skill pools. Characters will have their skill trees reset, just as when the character was brand new. We will also remove all purchased skill books, while refunding their ISK cost to your characters’ accounts. You can then re-train your characters’ skills as normal.

How do I request a skill respec?

To request a one-time skill respec, simply contact our support team online by logging in with your PSN® ID, and title your support ticket "Skill Respec”.

You can also email us at, and title your email “Skill Respec”. Please be sure to use the email address registered to your DUST 514 account, so we can verify that you have one!

How long do I have to wait for my skill respec to apply?

We will be applying the first wave of skill respecs once we deploy the changes to the skill system. Respecs will be processed in batches and applied during daily downtimes on a first-come-first-served basis. Once we receive and process a request, we will respond to let players know they are currently in queue for a skill respec.

Please note that the closing date for requests is 11:00 UTC (7:00 AM ET) on 31 May, 2013, and that it may take a few days to process and apply your respec. We will implement all respecs requested before the deadline.

Great, but what about my Items and AUR?

Your PSN purchases such as item bundles and AUR will not be adjusted during a skill respec. Only your current skills and ISK costs for skill books will be refunded. Please be sure to re-train all skills required to equip the items you planned to bring into battle.

While skill resets do not affect AUR wallets or items, we are offering a separate and optional full account reset to eligible players. Please see our previous announcement for more information.

Good Hunting,
Lead GM Grave
CCP Customer Relations