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Announcing A New DUST 514 Event

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Human Endurance Event for DUST 514

The Kameiras are one of the products of the infamous Human Endurance Program (H.E.P.) that the Amarr Empire ran on their Minmatar slave populace. The tales of physical endurance and punishment have become legend within the Amarr Empire and have helped to create the most successful - and, indeed, feared arm of the Amarrian military machine.

As DUST 514 moves towards the release of 'Uprising', we have devised an endurance program of our own. The Human Endurance Event will allow mercenaries to pit themselves in a series of battles which will award them with cool rewards over four themed weeks. Starting on Wednesday, April 3 players can aim to be rewarded with either Rank 1, Rank 2 or Rank 3 rewards based on the number of matches you play daily between Wednesday to Sunday of that week. There is also a special bonus reward.

What is this Rank system you are speaking about?

We realize that DUST 514 players play at different levels. Some people have the free time to spend a lot of hours playing DUST 514 while others only have a free hour or two per day. In order to ensure that everyone can participate at their own level we have rewards separated into three tiers:

Rank 1 – Play 1 match per day from Wednesday to Sunday

Rank 2 – Play 3 matches per day from Wednesday to Sunday

Rank 3 - Play 5 matches per day from Wednesday to Sunday

For the list of event rewards please visit dedicated Human Endurance Event page.

A database script will be run on the Thursday of the following week and your items will automatically be added to your inventory.

So tell us about the themed weeks

We want to make sure that the rewards offered each week offer variety and give players a reason to take part. So, without further ado, let’s look at the different themed weeks.

Week 1 – Scout Week starts on Wednesday, April 3 and ends Sunday, April 7. Rewards issued on Thursday, April 11

Week 2 – Heavy Dropsuit Week starts on Wednesday, April 10 and ends on Sunday, April 14. Rewards issued on Thursday, April 18

Week 3 – Logistics Week starts on Wednesday, April 17 and ends on Sunday, April 21. Rewards issued on Thursday April 25

Week 4 – Vehicle Week starts on Wednesday, April 24 and ends on Sunday, April 28. Rewards issued on Thursday May 2

You mentioned something about a bonus reward…

On top of the daily rewards for achieving your 1, 3 or 5 matches per day we will have a special reward for players who accumulated 100 matches or more during the course of the event. This reward will be a specially designed infantry combat module which will be released with the Uprising update.

This is the first large scale event that we have organized for DUST 514 and we will use the data gathered from this event to plan further events throughout the year. In addition, we will get both player feedback and feedback from the newly founded Council of Planetary Management to ensure that we bring you engaging and rewarding content worthy of a DUST mercenary.


Q: So you mention the tier system. Does this mean if I play 5 matches per day on a given week that I receive all three tiers?
A: No. Your reward will be based on the highest tier that you achieve. Let me give you an example. If you played 5 matches on Wednesday, then you will qualify for the Rank 3 reward that day. If you played 3 matches on Friday then you will qualify for Rank 2 reward that day. If you played 1 match on Saturday then you would be eligible for the Rank 1 reward only for that day.

Q: Does this event include any Aurum rewards?
A: No, all rewards are ISK based Blueprint Copies (BPC).

Q: Do I have to play 5 matches every day in order to qualify for the bonus reward?
A: No, as long as you play 100 matches or more during event days in April you will be eligible to receive the bonus reward.

Q: How does Week 2 and 4 work with the accumulation of matches required per day?
A: It works similar to Week 1 and 3. You can still play the required amount of matches per day and per Rank. However, if you miss a day you get a chance to make it up the next day by playing extra matches.

Q: Do you plan on introducing higher Rank requirements in the future?
A: We will evaluate overall performance of this event as well as player feedback and make adjustments accordingly.

Q: Is the start and end of each day for this event based on GMT or our local time zone?
A: Each day is based on your local time zone.