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Planetary Conquest: An Update

Reported by CCP FoxFour | Comments


This dev blog is a follow up to a previous dev blog. If you have not read the previous dev blog please see the following link:

There is a really good discussion about it in the comments section along with an FAQ.

Before I go into details about what we are changing from that design to this design I want to give a big shout out to everyone in the community. The response to the previous dev blog for Planetary Conquest has been amazing. The feedback, both positive and negative, gathered from right here on the forums, IRC, twitter, and everywhere else has helped us immensely. So a big thank you for that. :D

So what is this dev blog? Basically just an update to what we are doing, some changes in numbers we are thinking about, and a new FAQ. :)

The updates:

Gameplay updates:

The "stealing" of clones:

From the previous design of Planetary Conquest as a defender if you won you would get 20% of the remaining clones, AKA the ones not lost in combat, that the attacker sent. We are changing the way this works and also expanding it to the attacker if they win. :D More reason to go out and attack. :D (more smiley faces? :P)

Previously the idea was that if the attacker sent 200 clones, lost 100 in the fighting, and as a defender you won you would get 20% of the remaining clones. In this example that would be 20 clones.

We are increasing that percentage to 50% but also making it so that this is 50% of the clones above and beyond the minimum 150 clones lost.

The above is all about the defender winning, but what about if they attacker wins? Well now they get to steal some clones as well.

If the attacker wins they get 50% of the clones that would have been generated. So if the defending district has a production facility that generates 100 clones and the attacker wins they get to take 50 extra clones.

District state upon capture:

In the previous design upon capturing a district it would be unlocked and as the new owner you could make any change you wanted to it such as selling the clones, changing the SI, or changing the reinforcement timer.

We are changing this so that when a district is captured it is in a locked state. This means the new and owning corporation won’t be able to change anything about the district and on top of that they won’t be able to immediately reinforce the district with clones from another district.

The purchasing of Genolution starter packs:

One of the things we learned a long time ago in EVE Online development is that if we simply make thing difficult to do, but still with a reason to do them, you guys will do them and hate yourself while doing it. That is no fun and no good.

Well after releasing the initial information about planetary conquest you guys made it very clear that one of the things you had come up with was using alt corporations to grab as many districts as possible with the launch in May. This was going to impose a lot of extra work on you guys as players and, well, if we let that go it would have been a bit of a fail.

So what we are going to do is let you always at any time buy clone starter packages from Genolution. So go ahead, grab as many districts as you think you can hold, but you will have to defend them or you are just going to lose them and have spent the initial ISK for nothing.

The clever amongst you will also link this change to the locking of districts upon capture. The combination of these changes means that you are only going to want to take districts with an initial reinforcement timer that suits you. Otherwise you risk the district being attacked and not having anyone online to defend it.

We will be keeping our eye on this post launch very closely to see how people are using these clone packages in the long term and we will make changes as we see fit.

EVE bonuses for owning districts:

Since this information only exists in random posts around the forums and a video I wanted to get it in a more central and verifiable location.

There will be three EVE bonuses, one for each SI. The bonuses will be as follows:

  • A bonus to the manufacturing time of Player Owned Starbase (POS) around that planet.
  • A bonus to the fuel consumption of POS around that planet.
  • A bonus to Planetary Interaction (PI) output on that planet.

We are not at this point ready to disclose which SI these bonuses are attached to, their exact percentages, or how the stacking of them will work.

We can say that the bonuses will apply to all members of your corporation and the other corporations in your alliance. As in yes, these are alliance wide bonuses. :)

Number changes:

Original versus new:

Here is a list of numbers we have changed in the design since we first publicly started talking about it in the previous dev blog.

Attribute Name Original Numbers New Numbers
Starter pack clones 100 clones 150 clones
Starter pack ISK 20M ISK 80M ISK
Clone generation rate 40 clones 80 clones
PF clone generation rate 60 clones 100 clones
Minimum clone loss 100 clones 150 clones
Clone sell value 100,000 ISK No change!
Biomass sell value 50,000 ISK 80,000 ISK
Minimum clone movement 100 clones 150 clones

A specific table for attrition rate:

Due to the number of rows required for this it gets its own table. These are all the new numbers, I am not displaying the old numbers here just because of space restrictions.

Jumps ISK Cost Default Rate Rate With Surface Lab
Same Planet 3,000,000 ISK 100% 100%
Same Solar System 3,500,000 ISK 95% 100%
One Jump 4,000,000 ISK 80% 95%
Two Jumps 4,500,000 ISK 65% 85%
Three Jumps 5,000,000 ISK 50% 75%
Four Jumps 5,500,000 ISK 35% 65%
Five Jumps 6,000,000 ISK 0% 55%
Six Jumps 6,500,000 ISK 0% 45%


As always I and the others from team True Grit will be monitoring the comments thread for this dev blog and answering as many questions as possible. Here are a few frequently asked questions since the release of the first dev blog.

Q) When do clone travel between districts when moved?

A) We show the move of clones instantly so that everyone knows how many clones a district will have when a battle happens if they were to attack.

Q) What state is the target district in while the battle is occurring and during the 1 hour time when no one else can attack?

A) The district will appear as “Under Attack” for one hour from the time the battle starts. During this one hour the attacking corporation can launch another attack.

Q) Does the clone survival rate apply for the journey back after the battle is over?

A) No, all of the clones that survive an actual battle will make it back to the district they came from.

Q) Can starter packs of clones be used on your own district?

A) If you feel like spending all that ISK, yes.

Q) Does attrition apply to clones being moved between friendly districts?

A) Yes. The cost of a move, in both ISK and clones, is paid when moving clones between any districts.

That is all for now. Myself and the others from team True Grit will be hanging out in the comments thread over the coming days, although forgive us please if we don’t respond much on the weekend. ;)

Thank you so much for all your feedback so far and we look forward to continuing our interaction with you guys as we progress this design and move towards the release of Uprising on May 6th.

CCP FoxFour

Team True Grit


To discuss this dev blog, please see this thread on the official forums.