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Introducing APEX-Series BPO Dropsuits

Dear players,

I am CCP Rattati, here to proudly introduce one of my personal favorite DUST 514 initatives.

We have been working on this project for quite some time. We wanted to bring it to players earlier, but there were code restrictions that didn’t allow us to do so until Uprising 1.9 was launched.

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Developer Spotlight: Craig Ritchie – CCP Blowout

Hello everyone and welcome to another Developer Spotlight. This time, we are talking with CCP Blowout, our CLM Lead over at CCP Iceland. Some of our DUST 514 players know him already from our official forums, but this piece will definitely shed some more light on his ever so charming personality.

What is your official job title with CCP?

My official job title is Customer Lifecycle Management Lead. It's not the longest job title in the company, but it's close.

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Uprising 1.9 Overview and Patch Notes

On 4 November, DUST 514® will be updated with the release of Uprising 1.9, which adds a number of features and changes specifically requested by the community. These include:

  • A new map, map sockets, Battlegrounds and multiple tweaks to existing Battlegrounds
  • Loyalty ranks
  • Skills and Skill Point improvements
  • Sell to Vendor and Market Agent
  • Improved veteran experience – gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and more

Here you will find a brief explanation on the biggest upcoming changes, with the full Uprising 1.9 Patch notes found at the end of this post.

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Destructive Data Mining: The Sidearm Expert Challenge Results

With the last day of the challenge having drawn to a close on the 20th, we now have the results of The Sidearm Expert Challenge.

  • Bolt Pistol: God Hates Lags – 1753 kills
  • Flaylock Pistol: Solar Qoio – 1538 kills
  • Ion Pistol: Grand Master Kubo – 1559 kills
  • Magsec SMG: nanaki tk – 1637 kills
  • Nova Knives: mr musturd: 1197 kills
  • Scrambler Pistol: Grand Master Kubo – 1518 kills
  • Submachine Gun: Alex-ZX – 1512 kills

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DUST 514 Development Update

Dear DUST community,

CCP Rouge and CCP Rattati here. We‘re bringing you some news of the next release, but first we‘d like to review the latest changes to DUST 514.

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Hotfix Delta is now live

Dear players,

CCP Rattati here again. We are very pleased to announce that Hotfix Delta has been deployed to DUST 514. Hotfix Delta contains even more changes than the other Hotfixes. It contains many targeted tweaks, but also a full rebalancing of Sniper Rifles and Sidearms. The Council of Planetary Management (CPM) has been very involved and helpful in gathering views from the Community and giving their direct feedback into the process.

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New DUST 514 Wallpaper

We have just released a new DUST 514 wallpaper featuring armored assault made right here at CCP Shanghai. Head over here to download and view various sizes.

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The Million Clone Challenge Battle Report

The DUST 514 Million Clone Challenge event (19-22 September) was a great community effort and a total success!

The players first reached 1,000,000 public-contract kills by 14:15 UTC on Saturday, which qualified everyone for the stretch goal and bonus skill points. The whole development team watched the kill-graph climb even higher with each passing hour.

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Developer Spotlight: Haoliang Yang - CCP Patriot

We made it! After multiple times trying to book a meeting with CCP Patriot – Haoliang Yang – we managed to steal him for a few minutes and ask him a few things so that you, the players, can meet him and find out what he is in charge of around here. He’s been with us since 2010 and is now working as an Art Manager on your favorite first person shooter. So without any further ado, we present you: Haoliang Yang.

What is your official job title with CCP?

My job title is DUST 514 Art Manager.

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The Million Clone Challenge Returns

From September 19 11:00 UTC to September 22 11:00 UTC the Million Clone Challenge makes its return. Got a skill you’ve been saving up skill points to train? Make sure you play during the event period to be eligible for the potential  1 million or more bonus skill points to be claimed. We’re also bringing back the Sever BPO Dropsuit set, chosen by your votes.

In addition, we’re bringing back the Omega boosters for anyone that needs that extra boost to their skill points. Lastly the Armored Assault pack is heading back to the garage soon, and is currently 50% off. Make sure you grab some before it’s gone!

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From the Collector’s Cache - Vintage Dropsuit BPOs

Many of our players have been asking us to bring back some of the most memorable, non-consumable (BPO) vanity items to the market in order to expand their ever-growing collection of unique looking suits.

Now it is the opportunity to do so! Below you will find the list of BPO dropsuit sets - all it takes is to simply “Like” individual posts before 10th of September 11:00 UTC and the most liked set might make its way back to the game for a limited time.

Note that you will be able to purchase each vanity dropsuit individually from the winning set.

So what are you waiting for? Give your favorite BPO a like!

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