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The Million Clone Challenge Returns

From September 19 11:00 UTC to September 22 11:00 UTC the Million Clone Challenge makes its return. Got a skill you’ve been saving up skill points to train? Make sure you play during the event period to be eligible for the potential  1 million or more bonus skill points to be claimed. We’re also bringing back the Sever BPO Dropsuit set, chosen by your votes.

In addition, we’re bringing back the Omega boosters for anyone that needs that extra boost to their skill points. Lastly the Armored Assault pack is heading back to the garage soon, and is currently 50% off. Make sure you grab some before it’s gone!

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From the Collector’s Cache - Vintage Dropsuit BPOs

Many of our players have been asking us to bring back some of the most memorable, non-consumable (BPO) vanity items to the market in order to expand their ever-growing collection of unique looking suits.

Now it is the opportunity to do so! Below you will find the list of BPO dropsuit sets - all it takes is to simply “Like” individual posts before 10th of September 11:00 UTC and the most liked set might make its way back to the game for a limited time.

Note that you will be able to purchase each vanity dropsuit individually from the winning set.

So what are you waiting for? Give your favorite BPO a like!

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Accelerated SP Week Starts 27 August

Earn extra Skill Points from 27 August to 3 September! The event will start at 11:30am GMT on 27 August  and end at 11:00am GMT on 3 September, during which time players will receive 5 times the normal SP from War Points earned during a match.

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Developer Spotlight: CCP Potato - Lesen Li

The role of Flash Artist is one that many gamers are entirely unaware of. As a player of DUST, however, you are probably already familiar with some of CCP Potato’s work, and that is why we decided to point our spotlight on him this month – meet Lesen Li, our Flash Artist working on DUST 514 and Project Legion.

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Hotfix Charlie Deploys on Wednesday 13 August

Hotfix Charlie goes live on Wednesday 13 August, and it’s bringing some great revamps across the board. From Assault Dropsuit buffs and Sentinel tweaks to changes to HMGs, Nova Knives, Swarm Launchers, Turrets and more, this update sees big changes on the way for infantry everywhere.

Anyone that participates in Faction Warfare is going to find their loyalty handsomely rewarded as we are tripling the LP payout from all matches. These and many more changes are coming this week, so we recommend you read the dev blog by CCP Rattati and the Hotfix notes, available on the forums, for the full lowdown.

As a reminder, no skill point refund will take place with this hotfix. Please do not file a support ticket asking for one, as it will be denied by Customer Support.

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Destructive Data Mining: The Expert Challenge Results

So with the last weekend having drawn to a close on the 21st and a large amount of data crunching, we now have the winners of The Expert Challenge.

  • Scrambler Rifle: Darth-Carbonite GIO – 5854 kills
  • Shotgun: Espeon Bons – 4061 kills
  • Rail Rifle: God Hates Lags – 5104 kills
  • Assault Rifle: Kalante Schiffer – 5712 kills
  • Combat Rifle: Alex-ZX – 5782 kills
  • Forge Gun: Alldin Kan – 1751 kills
  • Heavy Machine Gun: Alex-ZX – 6395 kills
  • Laser Rifle: Viktor Hadah Jr – 3391 kills
  • Mass Driver: Joeboa – 2263 kills
  • Plasma Cannon: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa – 2273 kills
  • Sniper Rifle: Symbioticforks – 3357 kills
  • Swarm Launcher: Nitrobeacon – 124 kills

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone that participated. Winners will be sent an email to the address registered on the account the character resides on with further instructions for naming their weapon. We would also like to give honorable mentions to the following players that came in second place in each category.

  • Scrambler Rifle: 1st Lieutenant Tiberius – 5766 kills
  • Shotgun: TTW3x – 3736 kills
  • Rail Rifle: nanaki tk – 4308 kills
  • Assault Rifle: Luis rules 1st – 2964 kills
  • Combat Rifle: Soren Kazaren – 5604 kills
  • Forge Gun: Argetlam Thorson – 1399 kills
  • Heavy Machine Gun: God Hates Lags – 5081 kills
  • Laser Rifle: Levithunder – 3073 kills
  • Mass Driver: Alldin Kan – 2024 kills
  • Plasma Cannon: Grand Master Kubo – 1936 kills
  • Sniper Rifle: Nitrobeacon – 2384 kills
  • Swarm Launcher: noijr – 117 kills

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The CPM and you: CPM1 Election Results

After a two-week voting period, the CPM election results are now in. A total of 937 votes were cast to determine the new council, and we extend a thank you to everyone that participated in the process either by voting or by standing as a candidate.

The new council is:

  • Cross Atu
  • Kevall Longstride
  • Zatara Rought
  • SirManBoy
  • Soraya Xel
  • Judge Rhadamanthus
  • Iron Wolf Saber

Congratulations to the successful candidates, who will officially take office from Monday 28 July -  we look forward to working both with you and the community in the future.

Anyone interested in reviewing the votes cast can find the complete list and the code used to tally the votes here.

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Developer Spotlight: CCP Garlakadl - Kjartan Ársælsson

Today we are sitting down with CCP Garlakadl – Development Director here in CCP Shanghai, who has been with us since 2010. Enjoy!

What is your official job title with CCP?

My official job title with CCP is Development Director, although I prefer to be called Lord Commander.

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Developer Spotlight: CCP Jay - Yafei Huang

Today we are introducing CCP Jay, our resident animations expert here at CCP Shanghai. He’s been with us for four years, and would like to share his experience with you – the players. Enjoy!

What is your official job title with CCP?

My official job title is Animator here in CCP Shanghai! I am part of the Art team together with our Art Director, CCP Supalette, who attended this year’s Fanfest 2014 and talked quite a bit about our art along with CCP Android and CCP Photon!

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Accelerated SP Week starts July 2

Earn extra Skill Points from 2 July to 9 July! The event will start at 11:30am GMT on 2 July  and end at 11:00am GMT on 9 July.  Players will receive 5 times the normal SP from War Points earned during a match. The weekly Skill Point cap will be boosted to 3 times the normal amount during the week as well, meaning that you will be able to earn as much as 570,000 SP during these dates. This event will run together with our ongoing event - The Expert Challenge.

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Developer Spotlight: CCP Time Runner – Bing Mikael Xi

Hello everyone! This week’s developer spotlight introduces our Senior Live Producer for DUST 514 – Bing Mikael Xi. Based here in the CCP Shanghai office, Bing’s been with CCP for quite some time, progressing from one role to another, and now it’s time for CCP Time Runner to tell you his story.

What does the job of Senior Live Producer actually entail?

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Hotfix Bravo is now live!

Hey guys, CCP Rattati here again. We’re pleased to announce that Hotfix Bravo has been deployed to DUST 514. We also wanted to give you some more insight into our hotfix process and how we see it improving over time.

Like before, we began a narrative process with the community followed by Feedback threads on specific subjects we were looking to work on in the next hotfix. These threads, including the Hotfix Alpha threads, are now all stored in the Development Discussion Archives.

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