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Onwards to Uprising 1.7

Reported by CCP Praetorian | Comments

Rapid-Cloning Mercenaries,

Welcome to another exciting update in the world of DUST 514! Following the monthly release cadence adopted post-Uprising 1.2, this patch brings some of the most exciting and impactful changes to date. Uprising 1.7 serves as the latest important step on the DUST 514 journey, pulling together numerous additions and enhancements, whilst allowing us the opportunity to incorporate Community feedback in to our designs.

New Rifles and Weapon Changes

CCP Remnant has walked us through two new rifles that have been added in 1.7; an important element in our commitment to fleshing out full racial parity for weapons and dropsuits. The deadly Minmatar Combat Rifle is a fast firing weapon, designed for medium range combat, while the Rail Rifle finds itself at home in long range combat as all good Caldari weapons should.  We have also:

  • Tweaked optimal and effective ranges for  the existing Scrambler Rifles and Assault Rifles.
  • Reduced the damage of all anti-vehicle weapons (bar the Plasma Cannon) to keep them in line with the new vehicle rebalancing effort
  • Reduced the lock range on Swarm Launchers
  • Read more in the full patch notes

Vehicle Rebalancing

Across numerous forum posts and gloriously detailed stats, CCP Wolfman‘s dev blog pulls together a culmination of forthcoming vehicle changes. We‘re simplifying and balancing vehicle and vehicle fitting options so as to have a stable platform to introduce new and exciting variations in the future. We‘re also moving towards a new design philosophy with vehicles now having waves of opportunity where they can have maximum impact if used intelligently by a smart driver. Here‘s just some of the stuff that‘s changed for vehicles:

  • Vehicle turrets now have ammunition.
  • Available vehicle types are now: Standard HAV, Standard LAV, Standard Dropship and Assault Dropship (all available in both Gallente and Caldari varieties)
  • Added owner and squad lock timers to vehicles when they are dropped off by an RDV, making it harder for someone to run off with your vehicles.
  • We’ve updated Vehicle physics and handling. HAVs are now faster, and LAVs have smoother power.
  • Read more in the full patch notes

Faction Warfare

Team True Grit‘s overhaul of Faction Warfare adds an exciting development in the link between EVE and DUST 514, and has been catalogued at some length (with shiny graphs!) by CCP FoxFour. Numerous changes have been made, such as the introduction of friendly fire, Loyalty Points and Standings, exclusive Faction gear and radical changes to Orbital Strikes. Factional Contracts are shaping up to be a hotly contest battleground – who will you fight for?

  • Faction Contracts now payout in Loyalty Points, which can be used to purchase items from that factions Loyalty Store
  • Orbital Bombardments are now earned in EVE Online for Faction Warfare matches
  • Salvage in Faction Warfare is now based upon items destroyed in the battle
  • Read more in the full patch notes

New Volcanic Mood

As part of our work in expanding the battlefields of DUST 514, we are introducing a new volcanic mood in Uprising 1.7. Featuring ash-choked skies, volcanos in the distance and ash falling on the battlefield, this is a step towards filling out the univese of New Eden.

In addition to these larger feature updates, we‘ve used your excellent feedback to bring much of the same quality-improving work as with previous releases. Uprising 1.7 brings numerous tweaks and adjustments, such as fixes and additions to the HUD system, improved spawning in ambush, assist point tuning, new repair effects and much more. You can find all these details in the patch notes, available now on the DUST 514 forums.

Ultimately, we‘re thrilled to share this release with you and can´t wait to hear your thoughts about Uprising 1.7. We love seeing player feedback, so keep it coming and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield in the very near future!

-CCP Praetorian