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Introducing DUST 514®: The Origin Pack

Reported by CCP Frame | Comments

If you enjoy customizing your fits, raising the fallen as much as you like dropping the enemy, then the Origin Pack has you covered. Twenty copies of two PlayStation®Store exclusive 'Origin' series suits, a stockpile of both assault and support gear and a 3-day Active Skill Booster make this pack the set to get. The Origin Pack will be available in the United States and Asia on November 12th, in Europe on November 13th and Japan on the November 26th!

The Origin Pack contains:

  • ‘Origin’ Assault C-1
  • ‘Origin’ Logistics M-1
  • ‘Blindfire’ Assault Rifle
  • ‘Slashvent’ Submachine Gun
  • ‘Tsunami’ Mass Driver
  • ‘Husk’ AV Grenade
  • ‘Haze’ Locus Grenade
  • ‘Eclipse’ Active Scanner
  • ‘Terminus’ Drop Uplink
  • ‘Torrent’ Nanohive
  • ‘Cannibal’ Nanite Injector
  • ‘Kinesis’ Basic Shield Extender
  • ‘Synapse’ Basic Shield Recharger
  • ‘Pathogen’ Basic Codebreaker
  • ‘Shaft’ Basic Shield Regulator
  • ‘Nacre’ Basic Reactive Plates
  • ‘Abatis’ Basic Ferroscale Plates
  • ‘Goliath’ Basic Armor Plates
  • 3-day Active Skill Booster