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Announcing the DUST 514 Squad Cup

Reported by CCP Logibro

Greetings Mercenaries

We are proud to announce that we will be hosting a new DUST 514 tournament in partnership with Electronic Sports League. This tournament, the DUST 514 Squad Cup, will be held on November 2nd and November 3rd. It consists of up to 32 teams per division facing playing Domination matches with 6 players per team facing off in a Single Elimination bracket to take home a package of Officer Weapons of each player’s choosing.

The Tournament will be run in three regions: North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Team Registration for all divisions will open later this week, and will close at beginning of downtime (11:00 UTC), October 29nd 2013.

The full details, rules and the tentative schedule for the tournament can be found here.

Signups will take place on ESL’s website.

Good luck, and if you have further questions post in the comments.

-CCP Logibro