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Uprising brings supercharged visuals, new content, and more today!

Reported by CCP Foxcalibur

Log on to DUST 514® today to experience the new battlegrounds, gear, graphics, and more that go live today, 6 May, in Uprising.

With a second breed of immortals – the DUST 514 mercs – now active in New Eden, the Uprising has begun. Scheduled for global release today, Uprising is the most impressive content update to hit this revolutionary online shooter before its 14 May launch.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll get with Uprising:

  • Upgraded visuals – Enjoy a smoother user interface and enhanced graphics.
  • New battlegrounds – The mercenary war explodes into all-new planetary environments. 
  • More gear – Load up with an expanded range of future-tech dropsuits, vehicles, and equipment.
  • The Starmap – Travel New Eden with this innovative, intuitive approach to galactic naviation.

By introducing the Starmap, Uprising paves the way for Planetary Conquest, letting your Corporation compete with DUST 514 and EVE Online players to control the resources of countlessworlds.

The update includes hundreds more fixes, additions, and improvements to your mercenary experience. So get online, suit up, and join the Uprising!  

Link: Uprising update live today 

Link: DUST launches on 5-14 

Link: Planetary Conquest