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DUST 514 has launched!

Reported by CCP Foxcalibur

Beta is over and launch day is here! Download and play DUST 514®  for free, and change gaming forever.

A bold new step in online gaming, DUST 514 is the massively multiplayer first-person shooter that shares a universe with hit sci-fi MMO EVE Online®. You will battle on the ground in pulse-pounding FPS firefights, and struggle to control a galaxy of over half a million players.

Here’s what you get when you join the war in DUST 514.

  • Intense infantry combat: High-octane FPS warfare on thousands of worlds and countless battlefields
  • A groundbreaking connection: Share the infamous universe of New Eden with the starship pilots of EVE Online. Call in orbital strikes from EVE ships and make decisions that impact both games in real time.
  • Planetary Conquest: Form a corporation with EVE and DUST players, then conquer, develop, and exploit hundreds of planets, building an empire to span the stars.
  • Endless depth: Choose from thousands of far-future skills, weapons, dropsuits, and more to create the ultimate mercenary to suit your playstyle.
  • Vehicles on-demand: From speedy light vehicles to devastating tanks to dropships raining death from above, you can customize, deploy, and helm hundreds of sci-fi vehicles.
  • Free-to-play: DUST 514 is entirely free to download and play, exclusively on PlayStation®3.

For CCP, launch is just that: the beginning of an endless upward climb. We’ve got several major updates planned for this year alone, to bring you gear, maps, battle types, features, and so much more. And we plan to keep the updates coming far into the future.

Read the announcement for all the details, then download DUST 514, absolutely free.

Lock and load, merc! The shooter revolution is here!

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