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Merc Cast: Your Official DUST 514 Podcast

Reported by CCP Frame | Comments

Mercenaries of New Eden,

Welcome to Merc Cast – the official DUST 514 Podcast hosted by CCP CmdrWang and CCP Frame. This podcast is designed for you, the players, to hear more about the upcoming changes to DUST 514 – on both its development and community side.

In this very first episode we are sitting down with CCP Praetorian and talking about the brand new Skill Point system that is coming to “The Uprising” update in DUST 514 and what that exactly means to you, the players. Feel free to subscribe to our Soundcloud page and stay up-to-date with the latest episodes of Merc Cast!

It is time to relax in your Mercenary Quarters, click play (or download) and enjoy the podcast!

CCP CmdrWang & CCP Frame