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PlayStation®Home Exclusive: CreoDron LAV

Reported by CCP Frame

Listen up, mercs! This is your chance to get a unique in-game item from DUST 514 PlayStation Home space!

Log in to DUST 514 PlayStation Home space, complete a game of Slay, watch all four faction videos and claim your very own exclusive CreoDron LAV (10 blueprint copies) today! The supplies are limited, so better get those LAV blueprints quick.

The Light Attack Vehicle (LAV) represents a new generation of mobile support vehicle, an agile and effective unit, adept at assisting both infantry and other vehicles on the battlefield with its cadre of electronic warfare subsystems and all-terrain maneuverability modules. Whether employed as a scout vehicle or as an anti-infantry unit, the LAV is a ubiquitous part of New Eden's modern battlefield.

This offer is only available to SCEA and SCEE regions on PlayStation Home.