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Get ISK or Die Trying

Reported by CCP Foxcalibur

This week, CCP is offering DUST 514 beta mercs huge savings on all vehicles, and beefing up ISK rewards to wallet-shredding proportions in an event we like to call Get ISK or Die Trying.

Starting Wednesday, 21 November and running through Monday 26 November, all LAVs, HAVs, and dropships are 50% off, and we're tripling the base ISK reward for standard battles. The better you play, the higher the reward.

So complement your enormous Thanksgiving meals with equally huge portions of ISK-- or, if you're anywhre else in the world, boggle at how much Americans can put away, while also stockpiling riches and vehicles. 

Sometimes the life of an interstellar mercenary is more rewarding than others. This would be one of those times. Lock and load, and clear some space in your garage.