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Weekend offer: Tribute Mercenary Pack

Reported by CCP Foxcalibur

Grab the DUST 514® Mercenary Pack between Thursday 27 Sep and Sunday 30 Sep and get 3 permanent Tribute dropsuits at no extra charge, a $68 value for only $20!

The Mercenary Pack lets you arm up for a thriving career as a soldier-of-fortune in New Eden, and for a limited time only, it comes with three exclusive, permanent dropsuits from the Tribute Line:

  • 'Raven' Assault Type-I dropsuit - Black and gray
  • 'Sever' Logisticis Type-I dropsuit  - Orange and brown
  • 'Valor' Scout Type-I  dropsuit - Brown and green
  • 40,000 Aurum ($20.00 value)
  • Additional Permanent Dropsuit and Weapon
  • Consumable Combat Supplies

And if you're hungry to get into the game, the Merc Pack comes with unlimited beta access. So grab one and make with the headshots. 

Head to the PSN store and get your Tribute Merc Pack today!

Link: DUST 514 mercenary pack