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New Event: Five Million Clone Challenge!

During the March 4 11:00 UTC - March 9 11:00 UTC period, should the total number of clones destroyed in New Eden reach 5.000.000, every player that won at least three battles during the event period, shall receive the following items on March 10, 11:00 UTC:

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New Event: Hacked Decryption Week

During the week of February 3-10, players that complete each day at least 8 daily missions will be rewarded extra 5x Hacked Decryptor Keys to unlock their Strongboxes and obtain additional loot from them. So log in, complete missions every day and obtain unique loot that just got revealed in Warlords 1.0 update coming to you on February 3rd!

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Warlords 1.0 Overview & Patch Notes

The Uprising is over, powerful mercenary captains dominate whole planets as Warlords, taking to orbit in makeshift or stolen Warbarges, waging perpetual war in Molden Heath. You are one of these Warlords, or aspire to become one.

On February 3rd, Warlords 1.0 arrives, bringing new gear, community-requested updates, and a new key feature that expands your ability to rise in power in the DUST 514® universe. These include:

  • The Mercenary Warbarge
  • Warbarge Subsystems
  • New Faction, Quafe and Officer gear
  • Improved Visuals
  • Multiple additions based on community feedback

So, let's take a look at these new Warbarges and check out the new gear. We've also included patch notes at the bottom to prep you for everything headed your way on February 3rd.

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Announcing 12 Days of DUST

From December 25th until January 6th, we will be giving away special rewards in our Daily Mission system to all our players. Don't miss a single day!

For more details on the event and hints on the daily rewards, visit the event page right here.

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Uprising 1.10 Overview and Patch Notes

Dear DUST community,

CCP Rouge and CCP Rattati here yet again and now we are bringing you some news of the next release, but first we‘d like to review the latest changes to DUST 514.

Uprising 1.9 has been received very well by the DUST 514 community, and we have seen many veteran players return after a hiatus. The new and updated content has been performing very well and the gameplay updates have shaken up the battlegrounds in a positive way.

Of course we will carry on making balance tweaks with Hotfixes, named or otherwise. Furthermore, on 9th of December, DUST 514® will be updated with the release of Uprising 1.10.

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Developer Spotlight: Vladislav Perge - CCP Frame

Hello Mercs, it is time for another Dev Spotlight! Now, it is time for Vladislav Perge - member of the Community Team for more than two years here at CCP Shanghai, in charge of DUST 514 content, communication, and all other things you find on our website and forums every day.

What is your official job title with CCP?

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Introducing APEX-Series BPO Dropsuits

Dear players,

I am CCP Rattati, here to proudly introduce one of my personal favorite DUST 514 initatives.

We have been working on this project for quite some time. We wanted to bring it to players earlier, but there were code restrictions that didn’t allow us to do so until Uprising 1.9 was launched.

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Developer Spotlight: Craig Ritchie – CCP Blowout

Hello everyone and welcome to another Developer Spotlight. This time, we are talking with CCP Blowout, our CLM Lead over at CCP Iceland. Some of our DUST 514 players know him already from our official forums, but this piece will definitely shed some more light on his ever so charming personality.

What is your official job title with CCP?

My official job title is Customer Lifecycle Management Lead. It's not the longest job title in the company, but it's close.

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