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Developer Spotlight: CCP Garlakadl - Kjartan Ársælsson

Today we are sitting down with CCP Garlakadl – Development Director here in CCP Shanghai, who has been with us since 2010. Enjoy!

What is your official job title with CCP?

My official job title with CCP is Development Director, although I prefer to be called Lord Commander.

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Developer Spotlight: CCP Jay - Yafei Huang

Today we are introducing CCP Jay, our resident animations expert here at CCP Shanghai. He’s been with us for four years, and would like to share his experience with you – the players. Enjoy!

What is your official job title with CCP?

My official job title is Animator here in CCP Shanghai! I am part of the Art team together with our Art Director, CCP Supalette, who attended this year’s Fanfest 2014 and talked quite a bit about our art along with CCP Android and CCP Photon!

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Accelerated SP Week starts July 2

Earn extra Skill Points from 2 July to 9 July! The event will start at 11:30am GMT on 2 July  and end at 11:00am GMT on 9 July.  Players will receive 5 times the normal SP from War Points earned during a match. The weekly Skill Point cap will be boosted to 3 times the normal amount during the week as well, meaning that you will be able to earn as much as 570,000 SP during these dates. This event will run together with our ongoing event - The Expert Challenge.

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Developer Spotlight: CCP Time Runner – Bing Mikael Xi

Hello everyone! This week’s developer spotlight introduces our Senior Live Producer for DUST 514 – Bing Mikael Xi. Based here in the CCP Shanghai office, Bing’s been with CCP for quite some time, progressing from one role to another, and now it’s time for CCP Time Runner to tell you his story.

What does the job of Senior Live Producer actually entail?

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Hotfix Bravo is now live!

Hey guys, CCP Rattati here again. We’re pleased to announce that Hotfix Bravo has been deployed to DUST 514. We also wanted to give you some more insight into our hotfix process and how we see it improving over time.

Like before, we began a narrative process with the community followed by Feedback threads on specific subjects we were looking to work on in the next hotfix. These threads, including the Hotfix Alpha threads, are now all stored in the Development Discussion Archives.

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Hotfix Alpha is now live!

Dear players,

We are pleased to announce that Hotfix Alpha has been deployed to DUST 514.

I am CCP Rattati, and I want to give you some insight into our hotfix process and how we see it improving over time.

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Developer Spotlight: CCP Space Dog - Luo Bin

Hello everybody,

My name is CCP Space Dog, aka Luo Bin. I joined CCP in 2011, and am the Visual Effects Lead. CCP has numerous talented and experienced employees, and I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with them. As a Visual Effects Artist, I am responsible for creating the in-game special effects players encounter, including muzzle flashes, explosions, solar flares, and so on. In order to create these, we use a wide variety of software and techniques.

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Developer Spotlight: CCP Rattati - Snorri Árnason

Dear players,

My name is Snorri Árnason, a.k.a. CCP Rattati.

I will be working very closely with CCP Rouge to ensure the continued development and support for DUST 514, and from now on, will try to serve as your point of contact for all matters DUST. You can see more details here, and I‘d like to take a little bit of time to introduce myself.

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Introducing Project Legion

Battle-hardened players!

I’m really excited to reach out to you again, and I hope you are following EVE Fanfest 2014. It’s a blast and a great chance for me to meet some of you in person and get feedback on our current and next endeavors. No pressure! 

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Developer Spotlight: CCP Slevin - Ming Su

Welcome to yet another Developer Spotlight! This week we turn the focus to CCP Slevin, our resident Environment Artist here at CCP Shanghai. Laying waste to all that moves with his trusty Scrambler Rifle, he is arguably one of the best and most passionate DUST 514 players within the office and has the nasty KDR to show for it.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with CCP Games, endearingly known to me as “the game company from space,” and am even more thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in the development of DUST 514. I joined CCP Shanghai in 2008, and even now every morning feels fresh and exciting for me. My work is very dynamic, and every day’s visit to my workstation brings new challenges.

As an Environment Artist, my primary responsibilities include the terrains, textures and light effects present in game. While incredibly challenging, I take great pleasure in creating and presenting unique planets that speak to players’ imaginations. Much of my work is in the crafting of geographical features that are simply not present on Earth, and I find these very fulfilling.

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