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Welcome Back to DUST 514

Did you play DUST 514 before, but weren't impressed? Perhaps the mechanics weren't polished enough for you, you had issues in Planetary Conquest, or were otherwise just not happy with it. But did you know about the many changes that have happened in DUST 514 over the past several months?

Since Uprising 1.0 was released on May 7th, we have made numerous improvements to the game:

  • Rebalanced dropsuits, weapons, and modules to give more flexibility to fittings and reduce “instant win” weapons.

  • Improved aiming and controls

  • Reworked vehicles

  • Several new maps

  • Improved matchmaking

Remember, even if you haven't played DUST, you've still been accruing passive Skill Points the entire time, so you can jump back in and train up to get your skills up to snuff. But we're not just telling you to use what you've already got. In addition, we'll be offering anyone who has had an account inactive for at least 60 days who comes back the following gifts:

  • 100 copies of the Black Eagles Scout Dropsuit

  • 100 copies of the Quafe Scout Dropsuit

So come back, give DUST 514 another try, and get some slick dropsuits to storm onto the battlefield.