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DUST 514 Amarr Challenge

The Amarr Empire has issued four global missions to commemorate the recent events in New Eden, and gear up mercenaries on the ground with ISK, AUR and a special issue SKIN Module.

Event Period: Sept 15 11:00 UTC - Sept 25 11:00 UTC.

During this time period, players will encounter 3 persistent, unique, and un-rerollable daily missions. These will be:

  • Earn 2500 War Points. Reward: 15.000 Skill Points.
  • Achieve 150 Kills. Reward: 25.000 Skill Points + 50.000 ISK.
  • Finish 5 battles. Reward: 35.000 Skill Points + 150.000 ISK.

Bonus Reward: Complete 5 (non-event) Daily Missions and receive 500 AUR each day.

On top of these missions, show your loyalty to the Empire during tragic and troubled times:

  • Win 30 battles during this event period (10 days) and receive 'Deathshroud' Amarr Medium SKIN module.

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