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Krin's Salvage Run

Krin’s squad found it odd that he took every bullet with a smile. Most figured he was re-cloned so many times that it finally drove him mad, maybe even a bit dim. But Krin was sharp as a tack, and his future was getting brighter by the day. For countless battles now, he’s been sneaking salvage to a research facility where a custom dropsuit SKIN module is passing the final stages of testing.

It’s a prototype and they’re expensive to produce, but he’s not worried. He’s gearing up for the ultimate salvage run, and he’ll gladly share his prototype module with everyone that helps him get it made.

Event Period: June 30 11:00 UTC - Jul 8 11:00 UTC.

During this time period, players will encounter unique Weekly Missions. These missions will ask players to complete: 125 Kills, 125 Kill Assists, 25 Objective Hacks, and 25 Installations Destroyed during the event period. Players will also be able to track their event progress via the Daily Mission system currently in game.

Once all 4 Weekly Missions have been completed, players will receive exclusive 'Krin's' Modified SKIN Module after the event is ...

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