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Destructive Data Mining: The Expert Challenge

Listen up mercenaries! Weapon manufacturers around New Eden are working hard on new experimental weapons. As part of their research, they are requesting the aid of mercenaries everywhere in a bid to find experts and generate more combat data with these weapons. To the best, they offer the chance to leave their name on these weapons for all to see.

If you believe that you are unrivalled with your chosen armaments, enter battle and use prototype weapons to kill other mercenaries. While you fight, battle data will be captured, and data from the best mercenaries will be used to further improve these new experimental models.

As a token of thanks, each manufacturer will offer the mercenary that generates the most useful data (i.e. kills the most people) the opportunity to name the new weapons – and will grant them a small stockpile of their new tool of destruction. If this sounds like something you want, there’s only one thing to do: grab your best gun, drop in, and start shooting.

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