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One Universe // One War

DUST 514® – a massively multiplayer shooter

Free To Play on PlayStation®3

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What is DUST 514?

DUST 514® brings intense infantry combat, large-scale warfare, and deep character advancement to a free-to-play massively multiplayer shooter, exclusively on the PlayStation®3

Wage war in the next generation of first-person shooters, where a single victory could prove the crushing blow to a galactic empire of thousands of EVE Online® gamers.

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Latest News

  • March 24

    New DUST 514 Wallpaper

    Brand new DUST 514 Wallpaper is now live featuring MCC Staging Area concept art! Check out our wallpapers section to download this piece in various resolutions.

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  • March 12

    Five Million Clone Challenge Battle Report

    And so the Five Million Clone Challenge event has come to an end with astonishing results! Our players have reached the goal of 5.000.000+ clones ...

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